How To Use Our Glutathione


Our Glutathione is for every skin tone and skin type. It is also for both male and female. Glutathione has different effects on different people. This is because everyone has a different metabolism, weight, and skin color. The reason why some may see results quickly is because they're taking the correct combination of glutathione and vitamin c and this makes the body absorb the components well.

1) Calculate your dose.

To achieve the skin lightening/brightening effects of glutathione you must calculate the dose necessary for therapeutic levels. You should take 20-40mg per kg (~2.2 lbs) of body weight, per day in 2-3 divided doses. For example if you weigh 130 lbs you should take between ~1200mg and 2400mg a day. We recommend taking them 30 mins before or after a meal. Remember to spread the doses out. When you have reached your desired results you can cut back to a "maintenance dose" of half your regular dose. Another way to maintain is to avoid sun exposure and wear sunblock when you are exposed to the sun. If you are ONLY using our capsules as an anti oxidant and for anti aging, your calculation is 10mg per kg (body weight) per day. Which is 500 mg per day. That is One Santeva Glow capsule (black bottle) a day. 


2. Increase your Vitamin C intake (by taking Santeva Vitamin C with your Glutathione Capsules).

Vitamin C helps L-Glut absorb easier. You should match or double your vitamin C intake for each mg of L-glut. Administer your serving of vitamin C at the same time you take the L-glut. By the way, Vitamin C itself is a skin lightener in high (1000mg+) doses, over time.


Simplified Dosage For Skin Lightening/Brightening: 

We decided to give a quick guide for glutathione dosage for skin lightening. This is for clients who are on the go and may not have the time to calculate their dosage using their body weight. Because taking glutathione in high doses causes the side affect of skin lightening/brightening this simplified dosage can work for most all clients, please note that your dosage can still be catered to your specific needs but this simplified dosage is to help clients get started on their glutatione journey. To simplify the dosage calculation for skin lightening/brightening for both of our supplements Santeva Glow and Santeva Extreme you can follow this dosage instruction, for Santeva Extreme take 3 Santeva Extreme plus 3 Santeva Vitamin C Spread out in even dosages throughout the day 30 mins before a meal. That means, 1 Santeva Extreme plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the morning, 1 Santeva Extreme plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the afternoon and 1 Santeva Extreme plus 1 Vitamin C at night. For Santeva Glow take 6 Santeva Glow plus 3 Santeva Vitamin C spread out in even dosages throughout the day 30 mins before a meal. That means, 2 Santeva Glow plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the morning, 2 Santeva Glow plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the afternoon and 2 Santeva Glow plus 1 Vitamin C at night. 


3. Consider a topical cream/lotion

Gluthathione works from the lower skin layers up. So certain people may get discouraged at the rate of the skin lightening. We recommend adding an all natural lightening lotion such as our Santeva Radiance Lotion to the regimen for faster, longer lasting effects. Aside from the additional lightening, our lotion  accelerates the cycle at which your skin is shed and allows fresh cells to generate ("skin renewal"). That means faster results. DO NOT use lightening lotions/products that contain harmful ingredients such as Hydroquinone, Mercy or Steroids because lotions and products that contain these ingredients will hinder your results.

4. Do not leave home without sunblock/sunscreen

many people who say glutathione doesn't work aren't taking the best measures to protect themselves from UV rays that trigger your body to produce more melanin. So don't think you are just going to stay out the sun. If you are serious about results get a decent (SPF 50+) sun block.

5. Consider Soap & Exfoliating Scrub

Choose a lightening/brightening exfoliating soap such as our Santeva Glow Activated Charcoal and Santeva bee honey whitening soap. It is simply an additional avenue for your melanin concentration to get knocked down, or your skin regeneration to be sped up. Also, Glutathione works layers down in the skin and as your skin sheds it will reveal the radiant skin with time using an exfoliating scrub such as Santeva Detoxifying Skin Brightening Scrub will help with the exfoliation process. A full body exfoliation in the shower with exfoliating gloves is recommended.

6. Keep realistic expectations Glutathione will begin to lighten your skin once your liver has had its fill.

The spillover of glutathione will give you the side effect of skin lightening. Your liver must be completely detoxed before you see your inital skin lightening. Although many of our clients see results within 2 weeks skin renews in about 14-30 days. Therefore, the average period a user can see a visible change in his/her skin is within 1-6 months. Moreover, the best thing to do is not to miss your daily dosage and remain consistent on your Santeva Glutathione Journey.


You can't go wrong with a solid regimen like this. It works almost too good! Remember, you should take vitamin C and use sunblock/sunscreen if you plan to commit to this product! Thanks for reading!



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