Our Impact

Santeva's Work of He(A)rt

Santeva's ultimate works of art are our organic, skincare topical and oral treatments that improve the lives of thousands of human beings. Our advocacy is not just merely to promote beauty but inspire overall wellness because health is the true measure of wealth.

Because of the overwhelming response to Santeva products, we felt that it is time to give back and support the community that has made our company not just survive BUT thrive in these tough times. This work of heart initiative was spurned by the heart-rending story of an 8th grader at Larchmont Charter School in Los Angeles.

The teen and her family volunteer every Sunday at Faith in Christ Ministries (FICM), a non-profit organization supporting the homeless by giving them food and other daily needs. As they served the meals, it came to their attention that these unfortunate souls had dirty hands. The organizers connected with us to ask for hand sanitizer donations to be given to communities in need.

This struck a chord with us because the pandemic's onset makes everyone realize how fast contagion spreads. Those who don't follow hand hygiene protocols have a higher risk of acquiring the coronavirus. We said yes right away, giving Advanced Hand Sanitizers that kill 99.9% of microbes, viruses, and germs.

We believe the only way to stop the virus is if everyone works together. United as one, the world has a better fighting chance against this invisible enemy. Today, we have donated 1,000 bottles worth approximately $10,000. We are poised to give out more to fellow human beings because sharing is the true essence of being human.

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