Glutathione Can Be Your Ultimate Savior Against COVID-19 – Russian Study Shows Glutathione’s Deficiency Increases COVID-19 Susceptibility

Glutathione Can Be Your Ultimate Savior Against COVID-19 – Russian Study Shows Glutathione’s Deficiency Increases COVID-19 Susceptibility

Posted by Santeva Health and Beauty on Sep 21st 2020

Glutathione is an antioxidant that is produced in the body but little did we know how important it is for us. It was not long before when glutathione and its benefits started to surface everywhere and wreaked havoc in the health and beauty industry.

Russian researcher Dr. Alexey V Polonikov from the Biology and Medical Genetics of Kursk State Medical University ensured that glutathione’s deficiency could increase COVID-19’s susceptibility.

From past studies, it can be seen that glutathione’s deficiency is the leading cause of several chronic illnesses, including diabetes. The formation of glutathione keeps decreasing with time where men already have lower glutathione levels in their bodies.

The study informed that the NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) Supplement decreases the viral load by inhibiting viral replication at different stages.

How does glutathione deficiency take place in the body?

Glutathione deficiency does not happen overnight; it takes time. Although the body itself produces the antioxidant, environmental and genetic factors can affect its production.

To make sure that it keeps producing in enough quantity, it is necessary to take fresh fruits and vegetables that are the source of glutathione. Hence, winter-spring is the main season when you can expect the body to produce less amount of glutathione as vegetables and fruits are not consumed as much.

From this fact, one can say that glutathione production may differ in every individual depending on their diet and environmental factors.

As per the Thailand Medical News, NAC supplements are good for the lungs. They promote lung tissue regeneration, repair, and maintenance.

How can you consume glutathione?

Usually, glutathione is administered in the body through intravenous methods, but today you will also find hundreds of supplements in the market.

The intravenous method may not be perfect for everyone, but every other person can take supplements. You don’t have to be sick to take glutathione as it has other benefits as well.

Benefits of Glutathione

There are several benefits that you can get out of a good glutathione supplement. Some of the best benefits are:

-It reduces oxidative stress

-Improves insulin resistance

-Helps in the fight against autoimmune diseases

-Improves psoriasis

-Helps in reducing Parkinson’s disease symptoms

-Promotes skin whitening

All these are a few benefits that you can gain from glutathione; however, this is not all. It’s suggested to take the supplement as prescribed by the doctor or as per instructions on the product.

Best Glutathione Supplements

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