Santeva Activated Charcoal + Glutathione Soap - Treats Oiliness, Detoxifies & Brightens

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  • Santeva Activated Charcoal + Glutathione Soap - Treats Oiliness, Detoxifies & Brightens
  • Santeva Activated Charcoal + Glutathione Soap - Treats Oiliness, Detoxifies & Brightens
  • Santeva Activated Charcoal + Glutathione Soap - Treats Oiliness, Detoxifies & Brightens
  • How to use Santeva Activated Charcoal Soap

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148 Reviews

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  • Vida Aidoo - Nov 17th 2020

    This is the best soap I Ever have,I really love this soap

    But the price is too much and is too small

  • FRISCO - Oct 18th 2020

    Activated Charcol Soap

    This litte bar of soap is very powerful. I have a 14 year daughter beginning stages of puberty. I have to say that is an expensive small bar but it works. My daughters acne has improved and this review is after my 2nd order. I will reorder.

148 Reviews

  • Vida Aidoo - Nov 17th 2020

    This is the best soap I Ever have,I really love this soap

    But the price is too much and is too small

  • FRISCO - Oct 18th 2020

    Activated Charcol Soap

    This litte bar of soap is very powerful. I have a 14 year daughter beginning stages of puberty. I have to say that is an expensive small bar but it works. My daughters acne has improved and this review is after my 2nd order. I will reorder.

  • Mariah - Jul 23rd 2020


    This is a good soap. But it is priced too high. It is really effective, but so much more expensive compared to other charcoal soaps.

  • Nicole - Jun 10th 2020


    I am obsessed with this. Can't live without ittr.

  • Belisarda - Jan 20th 2020

    Great for teens.

    This soap is great for oily skin and to help control breakouts. It’s gentle on your skin, lightly scented and lathers quickly. Helpful for teen skin.

  • Lynn Li - Jan 20th 2020

    Worthy of the price.

    I knocked out my adult acne using this as my daily cleanser before the rest of my routine. It is expensive but worth it.

  • Juni - Jan 20th 2020

    Fine soap!

    The soap helps you wash and rinses away nicely that you have no dirt left on you. The only con to that is that it will feel dry afterwards. Just use a moisturizer and you will be fine.

  • Jamieson - Jan 20th 2020

    For quick cleanliess.

    This soap clears up blemishes for sure and it will last a long time. Pleasantly scented, and neutral enough that both my husband and I can use it. It will leave your skin feeling super clean.

  • Yolanda - Jan 19th 2020

    Bought in bulk amount.

    This has kept my skin clean and healthy. I bought at least 12 bars as the soap size is very small and I didn’t want to run out of it. Great soap but needs to be stored beforehand just to be safe.

  • Gabriela - Jan 19th 2020

    Can recommend it.

    It smells very clean and leaves my skin feeling invigorated and balanced. I keep the bar in my shower and use the soap on my face. I haven't had a breakout since I've started using it. I highly recommend trying this out.

  • Eloise - Jan 19th 2020


    I've only tried it for a day, so I don't know how my skin will react yet. But the soap lathers really nice and bubbly. Smells good too, not too strong. I'm excited to try charcoal as my skin is really bad right now.

  • Morgan - Jan 19th 2020

    For clean skin.

    This soap really does work great for combating acne and slumpy skin!But very strong! So, I use it only two or three days a week. But it’s definitely a nice detoxifying soap.

  • Svjetlana - Jan 18th 2020

    Liked it in first try.

    This was my first order of this soap and I was very pleased with it. I just found my new favorite soap. It lathers great, rinses clean, has a pleasant scent, and does not over moisturizes my skin.

  • Olivia Collier - Jan 18th 2020


    It’s not just a simple soap, this stuff feels and smells good. No crazy residue or skin film. I highly recommend this stuff.

  • Giovana Correia Souza - Jan 18th 2020

    Feeling of newness.

    This soap dried my skin out a bit, which is typical for me but worked great in clearing my skin out of impurities. My skin always feels brand new after each wash.

  • Claire - Jan 18th 2020


    Nice refreshing scent that is light and calming. Washing with this bar leaves my skin very clean and does not dry it out. I'm definitely a new customer who is hooked.

  • Josefine - Jan 16th 2020

    Keeping it fresh.

    I feel like it’s good soap for oily skin people, if you have dry skin it may make your skin more drier but apart from that it keeps the skin clean and far away from breaking out etc.

  • Leonie - Jan 16th 2020

    Happy with it.

    Product arrived as described, which made a great impression. Overall happy with the purchase, there is no bad effect with this soap…so far.

  • Ursula - Jan 16th 2020

    Except one thing, I like the rest.

    A good quality soap, it does the job I wanted.But the only complaint I have is it leave your hands with a flimsy residue that takes long to clean off.

  • Sebeôk Virag - Jan 16th 2020

    Makes you want to keep using it.

    Let me tell you I am not disappointed! This soap left me smelling fresh and deodorized all day long! I can’t wait to shower with it again!

  • Selamawit - Jan 16th 2020

    Overall great!

    This was a good product. I really liked how it rinses away cleanly without leaving you with that dry feeling. This was a good overall bar of soap!

  • Elmira - Jan 16th 2020

    Not like the others.

    It leaves me with a nice scent and a clean feeling, unlike other soaps that leave me feeling greasy.

  • Poppy - Jan 16th 2020

    Don’t ever change!

    Bathing with it is delightful since it always makes us feel fresh and smell good. However it’s just perfect. Please don't change the formulation in any way.

  • Fawziyyah - Jan 16th 2020

    So far I’m enjoying it.

    I took a long break from using bar soaps and had only been using liquid body wash. So switching to a bar has been a change for sure. I have really enjoyed how fresh&clean I feel. I have had issues with oily soaps before but not with this one.

  • Shellie - Jan 15th 2020

    Upright soap

    This is a really good product, cleans without feeling dry. Just doesn't last quite as long as I thought it would. Bar needs to be bigger or denser. I will most likely order again as its right price for the quality of the product.

  • Evan - Jan 15th 2020

    Highly advised to try.

    As someone who constantly works out, this soap has been something I have been looking for. The soap leaves my skin so soft and smooth. It also smells amazing! I highly recommend this product!

  • Claira - Jan 15th 2020


    Finally, I found a body bar that leaves my skin looking and feeling great without smelling weird or costing me a fortune. Totally worth it.

  • Eileen - Jan 15th 2020

    Wondrous soap!

    It smells wonderful. Liked by everyone in my family so far. I don't believe it is just for husband loves it. It has great skin doesn't feel dry after use.

  • Aliee - Jan 13th 2020

    Cleans well.

    The soap cleans very well with a mild but obvious fragrance. It keeps my skin moist all day long, smelling amazing.

  • Hilda - Jan 13th 2020

    Leaving me feeling great.

    The skin feels cleaner after using this bar and the shower fills with a much cleaner scent. This bar doesn't leave my body feeling dry and leaves a subtle, lasting scent.

  • Eddie - Jan 13th 2020

    Nice soap overall.

    It helps to even out the texture on my skin even in rougher parts like my elbow. I would buy it again as it has become one of my favorites. Do yourself a favor and get it. It is sincerely a nice soap.

  • Luciana - Jan 13th 2020

    Saving grace.

    It was shipped quickly after ordering it and more importantly it was great. I have to take a medication which causes excess sweat and body odor sometimes. This soap works great and I smelled amazing afterwards.

  • Charu - Jan 12th 2020

    Leaves me feeling great.

    I feel confidently clean throughout the day without any irritation.I like the way it leaves the skin feeling more hydrated while having a great scent.

  • Aiya - Jan 12th 2020


    I love how soap bar doesn't dissolve away quickly like some other I have tried in the past. It lasts a good while. Both my wife and I love the smell.

  • Shalini - Jan 12th 2020

    A soap to use after hard workout.

    Great soap for athletes and actually great soap for anybody. It cleans well and removes any bad body odor or excessive oil.

  • Antonio - Jan 12th 2020

    Not bad at all.

    This charcoal bar is a great soap. It lathers well and cleans exceptionally. I really like the scent; it is clean and not too drying.

  • Veera - Jan 11th 2020


    This product cleans deeply without any irritation, leaves me feeling rejuvenated. Also, the scent is pleasant without being cloying.

  • Carolina - Jan 11th 2020

    So glad!

    I am an older dancer and my skin is becoming thin and dry. I bought this soap because of the ingredients and was pleased that it left my skin feeling moisturized and soft.

  • Shayan - Jan 11th 2020

    Everyday soap but small.

    Definitely leaves me feeling clean. Good fragrance. It doesn't leave my skin feeling like it has been covered with lotion. But I think the bar is a bit small, it’s used up quite fast when I bathe with it every day.

  • Gina - Jan 11th 2020

    Makes you happy.

    I really enjoy it, surely feels like a different kind of soap I have ever used before, and the scent is great, even my girlfriend loves it! I would definitely buy more of this.

  • Ingrid - Jan 9th 2020

    Totally in love!

    I am constantly on the search for body soap that is not harsh yet soaks up the excessive oil that’s produced on my skin. I ordered this right after seeing the reviews on the IG and I am totally in love with it!

  • Mohini - Jan 9th 2020


    It makes my skin feel great. It’s handy so fits in my small bag and I can carry it wherever I want. I have now found my new go-to soap and can't wait to try other products of this brand!

  • Dede - Jan 9th 2020

    Feels good

    The soap feels nice, but the odor is bit overpowering. But it does clean your body thoroughly and leaves it feeling fresh and smooth

  • Kim - Jan 9th 2020

    Well Enough

    The soap itself is decent. It makes a nice lather, it rinses off clean with no residue, and you definitely feel simultaneously clean and moisturized after drying off. But not moisturized enough so that you can avoid using the lotion, but you'll definitely need less lotion than usual.

  • Joe - Jan 9th 2020

    Worth it.

    I traditionally like to use body wash and not bars of soap but the quality of this soap is worth the negotiation. It makes my skin feel great, moisturized, hydrated, and clean! It is perfect to bring with me to the gym and use after my work outs.

  • Ema - Jan 9th 2020

    Thinking of trying more products from Santeva.

    Overall I am happy with this soap and plan on repurchasing when I need or possibly trying out bee honey soap for the sake of experimentation. I may look into purchasing other Santeva products to see if they complement each other well.

  • Haley - Jan 9th 2020


    The bar cleaned my skin very well and did not leave any residue behind that would cause itching or irritation. My skin is quite fair and tends to dry out easily so the moisturizing is must for me afterwards.

  • Monie - Jan 9th 2020

    Skin is left blessed.

    I heart this bar soap. I'm usually more of a liquid soap kind of girl, but this really just does the trick! The soap is trendy and exfoliating, and leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

  • Olla - Jan 9th 2020


    The soap feels nice, but the fragrance is overpowering for me but nevertheless I like the clean feel of my skin afterwards.

  • Yulvi - Jan 9th 2020

    Seriously happy.

    I really like the results I've gotten here. I wash my face almost every day because it's a product that’s healthy, keeps me clean and smelling fresh. I definitely recommend getting every Santeva product and changing your skin for the better.

  • Tori - Jan 9th 2020

    Change in views.

    My skin is typically dry, but after using this feels so much softer because the soap is extremely moisturizing. I was hesitant about the charcoal in the soap because I have never used it before but am a huge fan of it now.

  • Prema - Jan 9th 2020

    For clean skin.

    This soap is the best! Normally bar soap leaves my skin feeling sticky but this leaves my skin feeling silky soft and clean!

  • Leah - Jan 4th 2020


    My skin is so clear after the detoxifying this soap provides. It cleared all the dirt and oil out of my pores. My skin looks more luscious and tight. This stuff feels and smells amazing, great product!

  • Tual - Jan 4th 2020

    Sort of nice.

    I used this soap because I’ve never seen black soap before and thought I’d give it a try. I did break-out, but after 2 weeks of constant use they cleared up.

  • Noel - Jan 4th 2020

    A level soap!

    I had some acne breakout on some area of my body but two days after I began using this soap, it began clearing up. My skin has got a better texture too.

  • Cherrie - Jan 4th 2020

    Gladly using it.

    Awesome man! A true result giving product. My skin changed for the better in about a month whilst using it.

  • Ina - Jan 3rd 2020


    I feel comfortable and happy putting this soap on my face and body. I am very pleased that I found this product, because it is amazing and does the skin fair.

  • Nihal - Jan 3rd 2020

    Very happy customer!

    I am in awe! I can see that my pore redness is going away as well as acne and blackheads. I can't believe it's actually working! I am so excited. My skin has never been smooth. I will be purchasing more of this soap.

  • Yuri - Jan 3rd 2020

    Extremely happy with the purchase

    I bought this soap for my son for Christmas just on the off chance it may help his keratosis pilaris. He has used it since Christmas and I felt his arms and face yesterday and his skin is now smooth!

  • Fadi - Jan 3rd 2020

    Full of charm.

    I could not be more grateful for coming upon this soap. After many failed attempts to clear up my face with many other expensive products, my face could not catch a break. I stopped having excessive breakouts only after using this soap alone.

  • Will - Jan 2nd 2020

    Gives you better skin.

    For the past few weeks of using this soap, I have noticed my acne diminishing and my skin becoming more vibrant and clearer. I will continue to use this soap daily and see if it continues to give me clearer and glowing skin.

  • Rabel - Jan 2nd 2020

    A cure to your skin.

    After several weeks of use on my teen skin, it's a blessing! Acne has all gone, I am highly recommending this soap to everyone!

  • Charlotte - Jan 2nd 2020

    Full of gratitude for this soap!

    This is an excellent soap! I wanted a soap just for my face, that sucks out the oil and make me feel like everything is washed off. And, this one does exactly that. But thankfully it’s not harsh on the skin either.

  • Rita - Jan 2nd 2020

    So happy!

    This soap makes my face feel cleaner than any other I have ever used. It is literally squeaky clean. Amazed and never thought I would feel so happy about soaping.

  • Belie - Jan 1st 2020


    This is the only product that's been able to clean my pores, left my face super soft and enabled the softness to stay that way for at least 3-4 days!

  • Armina - Jan 1st 2020

    Love it!

    I have really bad eczema on my feet and my arms. I was a little scared to try this product because I have very sensitive skin but I have to say, I really like this product. It leaves my skin feeling clean and soft.

  • Jade - Jan 1st 2020

    For fresher skin.

    Within these first few days of using this soap, things are already better than they've ever been with any other product! My acne has lessened, the redness has started getting better, & my skin just looks fresher!

  • Afreen - Jan 1st 2020

    Skin is looking great.

    Good quality and it smells great. I use it to wash my face and my arms. And I noticed quite a difference. My acne has almost cleared up. My arms are looking less scaly.

  • Lisa - Dec 31st 2019

    Costly but worthy soap.

    This soap does a good job at cleaning my face without over-drying it. In fact, in summer I don't even need to moisturize after using this soap. It's a little expensive but that’s fine.

  • Siba - Dec 31st 2019

    No problem at all.

    This wonderful bar of soap leaves absolutely no residue on the skin and is not drying and so I have even been using it on my face as well as in the shower. I have a (skin) Lupus disease that causes me to be very sensitive but I have no problem with this soap at all.

  • Raffa - Dec 31st 2019

    For greater skin.

    I use this soap and Santeva extreme daily and my skin has never been better. Santeva extreme + Vit C cleans me from inside and this soap clears off the outside crap, giving me a healthy and beautiful skin.

  • Safwana - Dec 31st 2019

    Better than any other.

    This soap has basically kind of cured my body acne from neck, arms, chest and back since starting to use this product from last June. It has worked better than any acne-specific wash that I have used.

  • Abbie - Dec 31st 2019

    Get rid of your skin worries.

    I decided to try this soap and was amazed at how good my skin felt and the itchiness I had because of certain skin conditions is almost completely gone. My skin feels so good now and I rest better at night.

  • Sammy - Dec 31st 2019

    Great product from good company.

    It is a product of most excellent quality, their customer service is impeccable and their great sense of consideration and concern captures the essence of what a great product should be. A product that presents great value, you know you are spending good money on it but it is so worth it because it helps you.

  • Reene - Dec 31st 2019


    This soap is fantastic, the best I have ever used, hands-down. I’m trying to tell as many people as I can about it because it is phenomenal. It gives you a wonderful boost of confidence as it changes your skin for the better.

  • Gabbie - Dec 31st 2019

    For the best skin.

    You will definitely see an amazing change in your complexion that does not cost an arm and a leg!! I first used it only in the morning, but now I use it twice a day and my face is clear, smooth and glowing!

  • Pia - Dec 30th 2019

    Should be tried.

    It smells phenomenal. I feel good about using it on my face in the shower.This soap helps with skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, etc. One should definitely give it a try.

  • Tara - Dec 30th 2019

    Great going Santeva.

    I have been using this soap for almost a week and my skin looks breathtaking. This is a detox soap and your skin may go through a purging period, but afterwards skin will become flawless. At least it did for me. Thanks Santeva!

  • Seera - Dec 30th 2019

    Takes time but works.

    Those of you who are suffering from severe cystic/hormonal acne, I know you would want to see the result ASAP, but patience is the key. I saw improvement in my skin within a month. It's been 2 months now, and people are amazed by how amazing my skin has turned into.

  • Lauren - Dec 28th 2019

    For your skin’s security.

    I am really a fan of this stuff. At first I was really scared it would break my skinout but that's not the case at all. This one has actually really made my skin balanced and clear.
    If you are struggling with skin problems I urge you to get this! It really is amazing

  • Vinnie - Dec 28th 2019

    Seriously left speechless.

    Pushes all the gunk to the surface of your pores, then you can exfoliate it the rest of the way out or it will come out on its own after a few washes. I have tried several other charcoal products none did this. I'm seriously so impressed!

  • Terry - Dec 28th 2019

    Balance it out.

    After I wash my face with this soap there is definitely an oil cleansing that too without drying my skin. Seriously I scrub my face once at night and in the morning and the lack of oil buildup without any dry skin, is amazing. I don't know how they get the balance but I found it and I'm keeping it.

  • Ruhi - Dec 28th 2019

    Skin feels great.

    The smell is amazing. My skin has never felt healthier and softer. I use it on my entire body, including my face, and I no longer have acne problems. I've used it for a month now and will continue to order this soap when I run out.

  • Tiara - Dec 27th 2019

    My type of soap.

    I have a very oily face and hormonal acne. I’ve tried everything to control my oil and to clear breakouts but nothing helped. This soap on the other hand,is God sent product. My face does not get as oily now and it also dried out my acne! I will never change to another soap.

  • Chorong - Dec 27th 2019

    Sure-shot soap.

    This soap while dark and generally looks weird, its greatness is sure shot; it has both energized my skin, cleansed me of filth and generally made my skin feel new.

  • Umi - Dec 27th 2019

    Very nice soap.

    It did make my complexion better as other people stated, also my skin feels refreshing and clean. The bar smells good and has lasted me a long time.

  • Labiha - Dec 27th 2019

    Happy with it.

    Absolutely love the charcoal soap! Nothing compares to it! I love how it cleans my skin and also, no awful smell or harsh effect.

  • Mira - Dec 26th 2019


    I really like this bar soap. It has a great smell and it makes my skin feel soft and wonderfully clean. It doesn’t dry me out like other bar soaps I’ve tried before this one.

  • Fiona - Dec 26th 2019

    Works great.

    I use it when I take shower and any other time like waking up or getting ready for bed. It’s not sticky at all like other bar soaps I’ve tried and works great!

  • Mariama - Dec 26th 2019

    Thoroughly clean the dirt off.

    It really helps in removing the make-up thoroughly. I usually wash my face with a cleanser and then use a washcloth to remove the makeup, leaving my wash cloth covered in makeup. After using this soap there is absolutely no makeup on my washcloth when I wipe my face! Also, keeps the skin feeling smooth and fresh.

  • Clara - Dec 26th 2019

    Skin is feeling it!

    Please don't ever stop making this! It is by far the best cleanser I have ever used on my face. It is clearing up my acne and my skin has never felt this clean!

  • Lesli - Dec 26th 2019

    Happy to have tried it out.

    This soap really does an amazing job at purifying my skin. I am a happy customer and will definitely be buying more Santeva bath bars in the future!

  • Janey - Dec 26th 2019


    The lather is thick and rich and when you rinse, you have the feeling of relaxation, your mood is enhanced and you feel so clean, smooth and refreshed.

  • Alicia - Dec 26th 2019

    Miracle in soap form.

    My skin loves this soap! It made my skin so soft and kept me very well moisturized. It’s an affordable miracle of a soap for the skin.

  • Teisha - Dec 26th 2019

    This is it!

    Absolutely love this product, would definitely recommend to family and friends also love how the color of the bar is actually black, so cool! Looks great and works fantastic.

  • Johanne - Dec 24th 2019

    Great cleaner.

    It has a nice soft fragrance. The body bar is not difficult to use. My skin was soft from using it and I feel like it did a good job at cleaning too.

  • Enola - Dec 24th 2019

    This is the one!

    So far I’ve been extremely happy with how it works and I think it’s honestly pretty cool how it’s black. My skin has felt both moisturized and clean.

  • Kristina Biel - Dec 24th 2019

    Will make you want to buy many times.

    It lathers nicely and most importantly makes me feel clean without removing every ounce of moisture from my skin. The bar lasts for awhile and I’ve re-purchased many times now.

  • Madelaine - Dec 24th 2019

    Draw out the impurities.

    I'll indulge in the very rare bath, but otherwise, I like to be in and out, and don't like having many products surrounding the tub. This charcoal soap is always a favorite of mine in skincare because it helps to clarify skin by drawing out impurities.

  • Kasen - Dec 24th 2019

    You can try it too.

    I didn't experience any excessive drying, an effect that usually has me steering clear of bar soaps. Instead, I was left with refreshingly clean skin, and a clear pore kind of feeling. I have already repurchased this bar soap and recommend you try it out too!

  • Alvin - Dec 24th 2019

    Effective product in low cost.

    I fell in love the first time of using it!! First off it makes the skin experience a tingling feeling on the skin, which I Love! Super clean feeling after getting out of the shower.

  • Nimma - Dec 24th 2019

    Soap is great.

    This soap has impressed me beyond belief. It literally tightens my skin up. The smell is kinda sweet for me, and the product is just amazing!

  • Camden - Dec 24th 2019


    This soap leaves you feeling clean and moisturized without any kind of bad or unpleasant residue. I’ve been using it for about a week now.

  • Cheryl - Dec 23rd 2019

    Price is great!

    It’s pretty cheap compared to its quality. I love this charcoal soap it’s great for the skin. I cannot state how much I love it.

  • Rhea - Dec 23rd 2019

    Works fine!

    This product is phenomenal. I use it on my body and face. Works really well

  • Liberty Murphy - Dec 23rd 2019

    Smooth and flawless.

    Love this soap! I don't usually use bars of soap but this is an exception. I was worried that it would dry out my skin, but it does no such thing. Leaves my skin feeling and looking so smooth and flawless!

  • Taeyeon - Dec 23rd 2019

    My choice!

    I absolutely love the soap. It smells amazing, not sure how to describe it but it also cleans without leaving a residue or leaving my skin dry. Definitely recommended.

  • Jenni - Dec 22nd 2019

    Enhances the quality of your skin.

    It’s a very useful soap for people with eczema. It helps in tackling skin problems and doesn’t damage the skin rather enhanceits quality.

  • Lilli - Dec 22nd 2019

    For nice skin.

    It helps to remove dead skin cells along with the extraction of dirt and grime from the skin, I think it even helps in the prevention of skin infections. My skin has been healthier than usual.

  • Anais - Dec 22nd 2019

    Made a great impression!

    The soap easily eliminates acne. Also, it cleared out facial marks resulting from acne or any unnatural spots present on the skin. Will be buying it again in the future.

  • Lorna - Dec 22nd 2019

    Nicely takes care of your skin.

    First of all, quick delivery! And the item I got was exactly as described, that too in good condition. Also, I have been using this regularly and slowly seeing nice change to the overall look of my skin.

  • Fahima - Dec 21st 2019

    This is a keeper for sure.

    After two weeks of using it, my acne started improving so much. Now I do get the occasional ones but the number of breakouts has lessened drastically. I love this soap.

  • Jihan - Dec 21st 2019

    Working brilliantly.

    I have Psoriasis on the side of my face near my hairline. I have been using this soap for about a month and the psoriasis did not need any more medication. Nothing had ever worked this brilliantly for me!

  • Kimi - Dec 21st 2019

    Major benefits!

    The product works beyond well. It seems to cure, Oily Skin, acne Cyst, Severe acne scaring and also, acne that started with puberty. I and my family use it every day and getting major skin benefits with it.

  • Sulbi - Dec 21st 2019

    No more skin worries.

    My daughter has severe acne so I decided to order the soap for her. Her skin has improved significantly. She still has few acne scars which may be permanent, but the overall improvement is present.

  • Shradha - Dec 19th 2019

    As best as it can get.

    My skin has never been so clear and smooth and I'm so grateful. Word of advice, don't get this in your eyes it'll burn like all hell. Other than that everything about this one is perfecto.

  • Mina - Dec 19th 2019

    Favorite soap

    The soap cleans but doesn’t disturb your skin. It is not drying to the skin. It actually makes it soft and ready for any toner, serum or moisturizer you might use. This is my new favorite soap.

  • Lada - Dec 19th 2019

    Great for your skin.

    I really love this soap. I have fewer bumps on my face. If I get a pimple, within two days the soap helps by bringing the swelling down and drying it up then vanishing it away from my face altogether. Great for clearing your skin.

  • Lily - Dec 18th 2019

    Will get it again!

    Cleans my body well. I have slight psoriasis and this soap is great for my skin. No strong scents or irritation. I am going to buy it again soon!

  • Alina - Dec 18th 2019

    Smooth and soft!

    I use this soap because it cleans my skin and doesn't overdry it. I have the oily t zone skin and this soap helps me control the oil left over on my face after washing. Smooth and soft skin is only a few washes away.

  • Kaylie - Dec 18th 2019

    Saving grace.

    It’s a saving grace for anyone with oily skin. It thoroughly cleans your body and face and removes excessive oil without damaging the softness of your skin.

  • Simone - Dec 18th 2019

    Not harsh at all.

    It is really helpful for the skin, helped me to cure marks and acne from the skin. Also, it gives your skin a nice glow.

  • Survi - Dec 17th 2019

    Ordering more.

    I have sensitive fair skin that is oily. This has decreased the oil and isn’t irritating at all. I will be ordering more. Thank you for this soap.

  • Carrie - Dec 17th 2019

    Different than other soaps.

    I’ve used this bar a little under a week now and the results are incredibly good! Not only my eczema patches are nearly gone, but my face feels far more clear than it got after using regular soaps.

  • Reyyan - Dec 17th 2019

    Get nice skin.

    The acne wasn’t terrible and the pores probably weren't as noticeable but for someone who had always been complemented for having such good skin it was a big deal. I decided I needed to get serious about my face regimen and came upon this charcoal soap. And, it did the trick! I've got my beautiful skin back after about a week just from washing my face with this bar twice a day.

  • Ollie - Dec 17th 2019

    Keeping the skin clear.

    I liked it at once after seeing how effective it is. I work out heavily daily, and often had minor cases of breakouts on my back and chest from sweat staying there, this soap has helped clear everything up and keep the skin clear.

  • Julia - Sep 17th 2019

    One of the most gorgeous exfolitators

    This is by far one of the most gorgeous exfolitators and cleansers I have tried! It detoxes like a dream. It really make the moisturizer's/cream's/serum's work a lot easier. My skin feel pure and refreshed after using this charcoal soap!

  • Neha - Sep 12th 2019

    It doesn't leave my skin dryer

    I feel really refreshed after using this one and have seen that my skin is more consistently even. I have combination skin like oily/normal.. so it makes a difference finding a soap that doesn't make my skin feel even dryer. Love this soap!

  • Nahla - Sep 5th 2019

    Deep cleaning

    I don't know how to express. What I only can say is that this product does help. I'm not going to say it's a miracle soap. But it really helps to detox my skin and cleans the skin perfectly. This deep cleaning really helps my skin to absorb the moisturizer, cream, toner, serum..

  • Zara - Sep 2nd 2019

    Looks to be working

    After removing makeup, I use it as a double totally cleanses my skin and it feels very soft, clean, brighten, and refreshing.

  • Judy - Aug 31st 2019

    Good cleanser!

    I have a little bit of acne . I use it regularly after pre cleanse and then the soap. Then toner and moisturizer. After the first application my skin felt cleaner ,smoother and a little bit brighter. Never had any problem so far..(4star because I haven't use it for enough time and haven't seen how far it can prevent acne).

  • Glaucia - Aug 29th 2019

    Highly recommended!

    I loved the components of this soap so decided to give it a try.. I ordered this soap with the hope that it would help clear up a little of my hormonal acne. After the first initial weeks, I get to see my skin is now clear! This has been the only change to my routine, so I know it's made the difference. I really would like to recommend it!

  • Liza - Aug 27th 2019

    Get rid of stubborn spots

    I had some stubborn dark spots on my neck. I thought they will be my companions for the rest of my life. Couple of months ago, I started using this soap (reason was-great components with affordable price). Then, I started liking this soap when it gradually worked on those stubborn dark spots! I am so happy that I get to get rid of those spots and I can’t believe how good my skin looks now

  • Tina - Aug 25th 2019

    Effective and affordable

    Has been using for a while. It exfoliates the dead skin and helps with the pores (I literally hate clogged pores). It is a very effective product with affordable price. I am not a review person but think it would help!!

  • Jayla - Aug 24th 2019

    Oh MY GOD

    I can barely find the words for this euphoric moment right now. This soap has exceeded any and every other possible soap out here! I have only had this soap for one week, not only is my skin deeply and incredibly clean, but it's vibrant, soft and healthy, not to mention my face is brighter already! This soap facilitates you ever having to scrub your skin off to get clean because, all you do is throw on some exfoliating gloves and use this soap on your body. Y'all. When I say that the bumps on my face and back are diminishing.. I am just so happy to be using the soap, lotion, sunscreen, pills and the scrub in confluence with one another....Don't even get me started on the other products because I can write a freaking book on how amazing they are as well!!

  • Sheila Irving - Aug 22nd 2019

    Face and body wash

    I started to develop little bumps; I guess it is acne.. Idk what they're officially called.. SO, I bought this soap and cut this bar in half (I don't like it when bar soap gets mushy) and used this to wash my face since my face gets extremely oily. Anyway, I saw such an improvement in less than 2 weekss! this soap really helped minimize those breakouts! Now I use this as a facial cleanser at least twice a day and use another cut as body wash..

  • Cassidy - May 27th 2019

    Bar soap

    It really works for me. Please dont change the formula

  • Priya - Apr 14th 2019

    Didn't really lighten my skin but shrunk my pores

    I didn't lighten my skin that much, but it made my skin tone even and shrunk my pores. so it was okay.

  • Cassie - Mar 13th 2019

    Love this product

    It helps remove my acne at my back.

  • Manne - Mar 3rd 2019

    No more acne

    Made my acne go away , and made my skin ligher.

  • Marcia Carter - Sep 20th 2018


    I need a soap just start take the pill santteva glow

  • Sandy - Sep 17th 2018


    This soap is really strong! I was nervous when I first used it because it had a little bit of a burny sensation but I think that’s because I have sensitive skin and there’s Kojic Acid in this soap. So I didn’t leave it on for 2 mins instead just 1 . But I really love this soap. It’s removed all my dark spots and brightened my skin. But if you have sensitive skin like I do. Don’t leave it on to long . It might burn your skin.

  • Ashley - Aug 13th 2018


    One of my favorite soaps.

  • Tommie - Jun 17th 2018


    Gave me an even skin tone and brightened up my skin a lot.

  • Cory - May 14th 2018

    Better than expected

    This soap is really good.i thought it was small so it wouldn’t last long but it lasts a really long time. I use an exfoliating glove with this soap and my skin is much brighter. I’m pleased

  • Jessica - May 7th 2018

    Love the scent

    Smells so good. Also brightens the skin. Its like no other soap ive ever used.

  • Anny - Apr 23rd 2018


    I really love this soap

  • Kacy - Apr 13th 2018


    Hello, I am trying to place my second order ( not to run out) and I was wondering if you have any discount at the moment. It will be of great help.
    Also, how is it best to take the pill ? I am caramel-ish in complexion but I have blemishes from acne scaring. What dosage do you recommend ?
    Thank you and do have a Blessed Day :)




Santeva Activated Charcoal Soap is an all natural skin brightening and exfoliating soap that will lighten your skin, remove dull surfaces and impurities, and detox your skin. This soap will boost your body's immune system to fight against mild acne and dark spots. It will brighten a dull complexion, reduce wrinkles, and reverse all signs of aging. 


Use warm water to open your pores before applying soap to skin. Lather soap and apply soap to skin. Leave on skin for 3-5 mins. Use cold  / luke warm water to rinse off, we also encourage that you use an exfoliating glove when using this soap.

Use with exfoliating glove for best results.


Glutathione, Activated Charcoal, Kojic Acid, Vitamin E, Alpha Arbutin, Coconut Oil.


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