Santeva Manuka Bee Honey Kojic Acid + Glutathione Soap - Hydrates, Brightens, & Exfoliates

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  • Santeva Manuka Bee Honey Kojic Acid + Glutathione Soap - Hydrates, Brightens, & Exfoliates
  • Santeva Manuka Bee Honey Kojic Acid + Glutathione Soap - Hydrates, Brightens, & Exfoliates
  • Santeva Manuka Bee Honey Kojic Acid + Glutathione Soap - Hydrates, Brightens, & Exfoliates
  • How to use Santeva Beehoney Soap

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138 Reviews

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  • Heena Roy - Mar 27th 2020

    For softness and vibrancy.

    Have to keep using it to see results. I have used it for a month and I can definitely say, I can feel my skin has become very clean very soft and vibrant.

  • Zubaira Rahim - Mar 26th 2020

    No flaky feel.

    It’s perfect for sensitive skin and doesn't leave that filmy feel after use.

138 Reviews

  • Heena Roy - Mar 27th 2020

    For softness and vibrancy.

    Have to keep using it to see results. I have used it for a month and I can definitely say, I can feel my skin has become very clean very soft and vibrant.

  • Zubaira Rahim - Mar 26th 2020

    No flaky feel.

    It’s perfect for sensitive skin and doesn't leave that filmy feel after use.

  • Christie - Mar 7th 2020

    I am all for it.

    I would definitely buy this again. I highly recommend it! I love it soooo much!

  • Juliene - Mar 7th 2020

    Pretty nice.

    I only used this a few times but i think it’s pretty good. I love the color of the soap bar, smells really good and isn’t too expensive.

  • Dollinee - Mar 7th 2020

    A regular soap to use.

    The best moisturizing soap I've used till date!! This was like a miracle for my skin, cleaned the skin without drying it up. It is in my bathroom always for when I need it.

  • Tilly - Mar 7th 2020

    Blasting product!

    This product is the bomb!!! Perfect for all skin types.

  • Stanley - Dec 17th 2019

    Using it happily.

    The packaging was pretty and the smell is brilliant. In addition, if you have sensitive skin, this might be the best solution. In our case, it works well compared to other products.

  • Bradyn - Dec 17th 2019

    Nice to use.

    Bee honey soap is the best for everyday use to prevent dry skin. I actually, prefer this bar soap over others in the market. It's especially nice to use in the winter.

  • Miranda - Dec 17th 2019

    Great one for all skin types.

    I have very sensitive skin, and this is the only soap I can use. It actually gets rid of rashes or itches from the skin and keeps it clean and smooth.

  • Susan - Dec 17th 2019

    For everyday use.

    We love this soap because it cleans without drying your skin out. My daughter loves the look, smell of this soap and uses it everyday.

  • Erin - Dec 16th 2019

    Lasted longer than expected.

    Smells amazing! Easy to lather and use. Lasted longer than I thought, even though the bar was small. I won’t be using bottles of body wash anymore and will stick with this soap for the time being.

  • Beatrice - Dec 16th 2019

    Superb soap!

    This soap saved my skin after a bad charcoal mask left it cherry red! It's so soothing and smells amazing; The price point is great for such a great soap.

  • Lainey - Dec 16th 2019

    Felt great afterwards.

    When I use this soap in the shower, it always makes me feel like I just went through some serious self care, and I just love the feel of my skin afterwards!

  • Sitara - Dec 16th 2019

    Totally worth your money.

    This is my absolute favorite soap and I rarely use anything else. Apart from the fact that this soap is all natural, the smell makes me want to eat it. Ha, ha…Anyway, it leaves my skin feeling soft. So, it is totally worth the price.

  • Eliza - Dec 14th 2019

    Smoothest soap.

    Reduces skin dryness and minimizes wrinkles, also helps reduce the development of acne and other skin conditions. Makes skin feel naturally soft and smooth!

  • Zahera - Dec 14th 2019

    Made of great stuff!

    It contain honey and kojic acid both needed to keep the skin looking young and soft. I was sold after seeing the ingredients it was made with and after trying it, I am now absolutely hooked on it. Try it, it’s the most affordable and easiest way to keep your skin looking young.

  • Illa - Dec 14th 2019

    A safe type of soap.

    This is such a nice soap. I bought it because it seems like a natural type of soap. It smoothes the skin and does not have a strong overpowering g fragrance. It moisturizes my skin and leaves it feeling nice. I like that it is natural without all the added bad chemicals.

  • Britney - Dec 14th 2019

    This is the soap you’re looking for!

    It has a nice and relaxing scent and it’s a gentle soap and doesn’t harm the skin. Also, great packaging. I definitely recommend this soap.

  • Victor - Dec 13th 2019

    Nice soap.

    This bar of soap really leaves your body / hands feeling clean and soft. Unlike other soaps, there's no hard residue after using. The honey smell is very subtle, almost completely absent, but if you focus and look for it, you'll still get a hint of honey.

  • Mahim - Dec 13th 2019

    Try it now!

    As soon I used this soap, my skin felt smooth. You know you are cleaning your face with soap without drying out your skin. It is good for every kind of skin. I really recommended it.

  • Emily - Dec 13th 2019

    Magic for the skin.

    The gentlest soap ever, yet it does work magic on your skin. The soap is not dry and it leaves your skin feeling soft.

  • Meelu - Dec 13th 2019

    Provides you softness.

    I use this soap after using santeva’s gold mud mask to clean my skin thoroughly without making it dry. This is a soap that provides moisture rather than sucking them out.

  • Helda - Dec 12th 2019

    Lasting great feeling.

    Just tried it for one week and I felt my skin lovely after using this soap. The skin not only feels soft and healthier but also smells and feels nice and that feeling lasts throughout the day.

  • Taylor - Dec 12th 2019

    Healed my skin.

    It is very awesome while applying to skin and face. It helped heal my skin and keeps the skin plump and smooth. It is an awesome product from Santeva.

  • Maria - Dec 12th 2019

    Reviving the skin.

    This is a very good soap. I have been using this soap since last two months. All members in my family are using it. It’s suitable for any skin and any age of people. Its cleans you up while keeping your skin smooth and moisturized.

  • Kajol - Dec 12th 2019

    Smoothens the skin.

    It is a very mild soap which cleanses your body smoothly and gently. Its creamy texture produces a lot of lather while bathing. This soap has cleansing factors which softens, smoothens and moisturizes the body.

  • Aziza - Dec 12th 2019

    Must buy soap.

    With this soap, you don’t necessarily require moisturizing at times even in winters. It's better than baby soaps and other similar soaps. A must one to have for your beauty care.

  • Jannat - Dec 12th 2019

    All good!

    A must buy especially for dry skin. Mild yet nice fragrance. Does what it promises. A single bar lasts for a while.

  • Surili - Dec 12th 2019

    Protect your skin.

    This is a very very good soap. its fragrance is nice and stays long. Honey is good for our skin so I just loved this soap as it doesn’t make our skin dry and protects the skin well.

  • Libbie - Dec 12th 2019

    Quick results.

    I feel this is the soap I always wanted. Suits to all skin types and can be used daily. It makes your skin smooth and glowing. Also whitens the skin tone. Just wash your face with this soap and see the result.

  • Delilah - Dec 10th 2019

    Creamy lather

    Makes your skin feel smooth and soft. I love the soft lather it makes and the honey color makes the soap really pretty, I buy in bulk so that I don’t run out of it.

  • Monali - Dec 10th 2019

    Not harsh at all!

    It's the only soap I use these days, it's not harsh on my skin and leaves me feeling fresh and clean.

  • Maricia - Dec 10th 2019

    For the drier times.

    We have tried using other brands but were always left with dry skin, irritation and skin problems. This beauty bar is gentle on the skin and washes so easily, in addition to smelling so nice afterwards. It is also great through all seasons including winter when the skin is a little drier than usual.

  • Ruby - Dec 10th 2019

    Feels great afterwards.

    I was skeptical at first since my skin is really sensitive, but this magic bar helps my skin very much. It is so good, I love the smell and my skin feels so smooth after applying it.

  • Rafaza - Dec 9th 2019

    A favorite.

    It moisturizes the skin and soothes it, this soap contains kojic acid that lightens visible sun damage, age spots, or scars. This can result in an anti-aging effect on the skin. I always recommend this to my friends and family and relatives.

  • Raya - Dec 9th 2019

    Soap for us all.

    It’s very soothing to the skin and even my husband is starting to use it as it does wonder for the skin, nevertheless the gender. It took away acne and harshness of the skin, now we both use this soap regularly.

  • Aradhiya - Dec 9th 2019

    Best bar soap I have tried.

    Really nice scent,lathers up well, makes me feel super clean. This is the best bar soap I've ever used!

  • Laura - Dec 9th 2019

    Pure awesomeness!

    An absolute must-buy. This is pure awesomeness in bar form. Great soap to use at the end of the day to wind down. I highly recommend using a soap dish that drains, so that the bar can dry properly and have a long life.

  • Portia - Dec 9th 2019

    Smoothing the harshness.

    It is easy to apply on our face or on every part of our body. So Santeva bee honey soap is a very smooth soap. This soap gives us good result. After applying it on your skin, your skin will become soft and smooth and supple too.

  • Timmy - Dec 9th 2019

    For soft skin.

    It doesn't dry out skin like other soaps, instead moisturizes the skin. The skin looks soft, supple, nourished and of course beautiful after washing with it. I do not need to apply any other moisturizer or cream after it, but if you have really dry skin then for sure moisturize your skin afterwards.

  • Hanna - Dec 9th 2019

    Reasonable and nice.

    It is very gentle and effective soap with my body skin type. The soap is really refreshing and hydrates my skin every time I use it.It’s also reasonable in price, easy to order and buy.

  • Mariha - Dec 7th 2019

    A sweet gift

    Fits in the hands! A great product. Enjoy the smell and it's going to be fantastic for gift bags.

  • Rosaline - Dec 7th 2019


    This soap's lather is soft, smells nice and hydrates the body. Upon shower, my skin is soft and supple.

  • Shaina - Dec 7th 2019

    Softy Softy

    I have a very allergic skin and this soap has been a huge help for the excessive dryness that I'm suffering from. I'm pretty impressed and I'm going to buy this again.

  • Fanny - Dec 7th 2019

    Healed my skin

    Outstanding soap, deep cleaning, leaving the face so soft and silky. It also helps to balance the oil and heal the breakouts. So far, I'm satisfied.

  • Arvy - Dec 6th 2019

    Highly recommend it.

    Fairly satisfying and is less irritating to skin than the regular soap bars. Will recommend it.

  • Ruchika - Dec 6th 2019

    Can be used all over.

    I have been using the Santeva Bee Honey soap for a is gentle on my face.I cannot use just any soap on my face as my face breaks out. But, I also use it in the shower and it cleans the body well too.

  • Fahim - Dec 6th 2019


    Have been using this soap for months for preventing acne. Suffering from acne on my face, back and chest since a long time, this soap works the best for me. I have tried dozens of different regular soaps and acne soaps too. All the other soaps irritate my skin and cause an acne outbreak within hours after washing with them. But this one is doing wonder for me.

  • Juhi - Dec 6th 2019

    Free of your troubles.

    I was having problems with my hands splitting during the winter months. Then I was recommended with using honey soap and I gave it a try and started using santeva bee-honey Soap. I am using this in this winter and my hands have stayed free of splits up until now.

  • Tracy - Dec 5th 2019

    Leaves you refreshed.

    The product is an excellent one. I believe it cleans very well, lasts quite awhile but is not loaded with bunches of artificial additives. It looks pretty in my soap dish and also smells and feels great. Leaves me feeling so fresh!

  • Ruli - Dec 5th 2019

    Make your skin great.

    It's really not easy to find the bathing soap which doesn't dry your skin but on the contrary actually moisturizes the skin and helps improving it. One of my friends advised me to use Santeva bee honey soap. I followed her advice and was happy with the results. This soap is really mild which is good for sensitive and dry skin. It doesn't make skin dry and patchy like other products. It actually makes the skin feel soft and improves the complexion.

  • Raima - Dec 5th 2019

    Effective one.

    It is very affordable and works great. Cleans well but doesn't dry my skin out, even my kids use it. The scent is nice and not over powering. It goes a long way and is effective.

  • Ravina - Dec 5th 2019

    Soap of the year!

    Good soap, does what it promises and also arrived on expected time. After using it for awhile my skin has become soft and stay hydrated.

  • Lamha - Dec 4th 2019

    Falling for it.

    It keeps face moisturized and feels healthy. I used to use this soap when I had my acne problems. But after using this for a long time I got rid of my acne and dry face problems. I'm rating this 4 stars for now, as I have only been using this for a small while.

  • Kyle - Dec 4th 2019

    A cure for dry skin.

    Seriously love this soap! I have dry skin and this keeps me feeling moisturized when I get out of the shower. Also, my skin is sensitive so this never leaves me feeling itchy or uncomfortable. I even use it for my face sometimes when I run out of makeup remover.

  • Surekha - Dec 4th 2019

    Not only a soap but a beauty bar.

    It’s one of the best soaps I’ve ever used (and I’ve tried tons of different brands even higher-end luxury soaps). Nothing gives me that clean, moisturized feeling other than this beauty bar soap.

  • Nazim - Dec 4th 2019

    Lovely soap.

    It is just one of those bar soaps that actually make my skin feel nice. It is super lathering, and makes for a great shaving soap, as well as body washing soap and for face washing. It has never ever irritated my sensitive skin. I absolutely adore this soap!

  • Fariha - Dec 3rd 2019

    Will order it next time.

    I loved this soap. After about two uses it brightened my skin and the dark circles under my eyes.It doesn’t dry the skin out but also leave it very soft and clean. I am waiting for it to toned down the blemishes on my face as well.

  • Angelina - Dec 3rd 2019

    Became my favorite.

    This soap is pretty good. I am noticing a slight change in my skin only after a few uses. My skin was smooth and bright. I now don’t want to use any other soap than this one.

  • Alisha - Dec 3rd 2019

    Gives instant results.

    Worked instantly! Got rid of dark spots, scars and evened out my skin tone. So glad I tried it!

  • Kimberly - Dec 3rd 2019

    Simply amazing!

    I’ve only been using this soap in less than a week and it has already lightened the dark spot on my skin. I had pimples due to some hormonal changes which left some black spots on my face and this soap works its magic. And since the delivery may take longer, I’m ordering more so I won’t run out.

  • Brie - Dec 2nd 2019

    Made of great materials.

    It is so gentle and mild that you can even apply it on your face without any worries. It is the only soap I trust with my face. It’s made from pure honey and kojic acid which are great for your skin.

  • Yerim - Dec 2nd 2019

    Softing and moisturizing!

    I have a dry skin, and have faced dermatological problems. And, a good dermatologist advised me to use honey soap. So, I gave santeva bee honey soap a try and was so happy! It don’t eat away your skin and keep it soft and moisturize.

  • Shalu - Dec 2nd 2019


    It can be used in any weather and also the soap does not melt away easily and fast. The soap forms very good and perfumed lather and also washes away very easily. The smell isn’t overpowering and after a bath your skin is left refreshed.

  • Pari - Dec 2nd 2019

    Leaves your skin soft.

    I recently started using this soap and I can actually feel a lot of difference in my skin. They say it is a soap for girls but in my perspective it can be used by the entire family. The soap not only smells amazing but it also leaves your skin super soft.

  • Sarika - Dec 2nd 2019

    Blew my mind!

    Cute and nice quality soap. Will purchase it again as it’s working magic on my skin. Gets a big thumbs up from me.

  • Lilihan - Dec 2nd 2019

    Very Impressive.

    I have very sensitive, diabetic skin and this soap has been a life saver for the extreme dryness I suffer from. I am very impressed and will purchase this product again.

  • Miranda Jenkins - Dec 2nd 2019

    Will purchase it again.

    Product made my skin feel very soft and was actually a great soap to use to shave my legs.

  • Labono - Dec 2nd 2019

    Just amazing!

    Brilliant soap, cleans deeply, leaving the face so soft and smooth. It even helps to balance the oil and heal the breakouts. I'm satisfied so far and I highly recommend it.

  • Elena - Nov 30th 2019

    For you all.

    The fragrance is pleasant and It doesn't dry out your skin.You can use it in all seasons.It is suitable for all skin types. The size of the soap is perfect to fit in your palm.

  • Dilbara - Nov 30th 2019

    Gentlest soap.

    This is really a gentle soap. It is the gentlest way to keep the skin looking beautiful and young. It removes the daily dirt quite effectively. Using bee-honey Soap is so comforting to the skin that I can use it and buy even with both eyes closed.

  • Nazifa - Nov 30th 2019

    In a whiff, I will recommend this soap.

    The most amazing part about this product is that its smell isn’t nauseating. It protects ur skin and do not make them rough. I m using this soap from last 5 months and it always shows me great results .It is not that much costly also and have reasonable price.I personally recommend this soap if u want to get good results.

  • Shalini Lamba - Nov 30th 2019

    Go and get yours.

    I have a problem of dry skin. so I want to use a soap which will moisturize my skin. then I got to hear about this bee-honey soap and that it is best for dry skin. so I went online to santeva website and bought it. This soap gives better feeling from just the first bath. I have started using it continuously then and found that my skin is becoming softer and softer.

  • Nadia - Nov 29th 2019

    Made me love soap over body wash.

    i do not use soaps too much as i prefer body washes and shower gels, but if i use any soap then this is one of the brands i buy. My husband uses santeva charcoal soap, while I use this one. Both of us are getting great results from these products. Santeva is becoming one of my favorite beauty brands.

  • Lilian - Nov 29th 2019

    Third time buyer!

    There is nothing I do not like about this soap. Honey keeps the skin looking young and smooth. Unlike most soaps this doesn’t dry out your skin or make it look harsh. Will be repurchasing it again.

  • Camila - Nov 29th 2019

    A harmless soap.

    The lathering qualities are good, and these soaps seem to last long. They are quite sturdy and don't dissolve too easily. Leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh. A great moisturizing soap.

  • Marcela - Nov 29th 2019

    Overall a great soap.

    I like the fact that this soap doesnt melt in the water like other well known moisturising soaps and it doesnt lose its shape. Overall this is a great soap that I can depend on because it’s easily keep my skin soft and silky. It really is pretty good value for money.

  • Derem - Nov 28th 2019

    A luxurious soap.

    That luxuriously silky softness it leaves behind on my skin after every use is amazing. I am going to buy a few more because I was so impressed with the feeling of my skin after using this incredible beauty soap.

  • Disha Pandey - Nov 28th 2019

    Doesn’t dry your skin.

    It lathers well, and my skin is left feeling smooth after each use. Also, it doesn't make your skin dry like other products do.

  • Perrie - Nov 28th 2019

    It’s not a soap but a beauty bar.

    I love this beauty bar, it is so moistening and has such a lovely fragrance.
    My mom introduced me to this soap and I've been using it for a while and I am planning to continue using it for years to come.

  • Amelia - Nov 28th 2019

    Suitable for all.

    It's a good soap and cost appropriate, very attractive packaging. The fragrance is delightful and the soap is long lasting. Suitable for the entire family, keeps skin soft and smooth.

  • Bonnie - Nov 27th 2019

    Cool gift!

    Wonderful sweet soaps! Beautiful as well. A great gift for anyone ;)

  • Jordane - Nov 27th 2019

    Treat for my face

    I use this bee honey soap for face washing, and it's awesome! It leaves the skin feeling soft and smooth and blends great!

  • Millie Weitz - Nov 27th 2019

    Can’t get enough

    Placed an order for two more bee honey soap bars, since I don't want to run out. I have extremely dry skin, and I'm just trying to fight against this . So far, this is my favorite soap. This cleans quickly without scraping off the oil.

  • Hayate - Nov 26th 2019

    Have no complaint.

    Love this soap, color, texture, ingredients, all my family members use it and they have no complain with it.

  • Paul - Nov 26th 2019

    Smell and quality both good.

    The soap smelled great and felt so smooth and clean. Lathers up great and barely has an odor. No flaky, dry skin. Doesn't dissolve away immediately into a sticky puddle. Shipment was quick with no problems.

  • Anita - Nov 26th 2019

    No harm in it!

    This soap is simply the best in my opinion. It is very healing and moisturizing to the skin. It lathers nicely and rinses off clean. It is made of all natural ingredients that are good for the skin and has no harmful chemicals.

  • Gwendolyn - Nov 26th 2019

    Spearing Happiness.

    I was looking for good body soap when I came across this Santeva soap. After reading the reviews and ingredients, I figured to give it a try.
    After the first use, the bumps on my face were almost gone! Maybe it was some kind of irritation/allergic reaction. All I know is my face is happy! My body also feels clean but not dry.

  • Amrita Sen Gupta - Nov 25th 2019

    Makes your skin silky rather than dry.

    This honey soap is amazing. Cleans out the skin without drying or shriveling it up. Your skin rather become silky and supple.

  • Hande - Nov 25th 2019

    For softer skin!

    I recommended this soap to every age group. Everyone around me like this soap. You get good result for use in one or two weeks, has romantic smell and leaves skin feeling very soft and smooth.

  • Maisha - Nov 25th 2019

    Improves the texture of your skin.

    I strongly recommend people to use this soap(especially people who have dry skin). This soap works best in the winter days as it moisturizes the skin perfectly. When I applied this soap, my skin's texture turned smoother and it was very effective.

  • Jaan - Nov 25th 2019

    Gives quick results.

    This soap is really good and gives amazing results. I recommended in this soap for everyone, you will like this soap and I am sure you will get results in one or two weeks.

  • Bonnie - Nov 24th 2019

    My kind of bath soap

    This soap is very soft and froth arises very quickly after short rubbing. It avoids your skin becoming dry.It refreshes the body and you smell nice after the bath and it is also long lasting. I regularly use this bath soap and I am very happy with this soap.

  • Deepika - Nov 24th 2019

    Will recommend it to everyone.

    I haven't found dryness and white scratches after bath. It's smooth and makes my skin glowing. I recommend it to everyone

  • Cathie Brightman - Nov 24th 2019

    Like showering with honey.

    This has enriched my skin tone and texture, also it contains sweet smell and made my skin got brighter and glistening like flower.

  • Dennie - Nov 24th 2019

    Soft soap for the sensitive skin.

    The soap is soft and really makes your skin feel clean and refreshed after a bath, it is mild, not harsh on the skin. Also, I love the fact that it’s mildly scented.

  • Adley - Nov 22nd 2019

    Worth your money.

    It leaves the skin clean and fresh, also doesn’t cause pimples whilst still keeping the skin smooth and silky.

  • Emliy Emerson - Nov 22nd 2019

    Will be on this from now on.

    I have sensitive skin but this soap works fine for me. It is also easy to bring along when I travel since it isn't liquid.I haven't found another soap that gives the same post-shower soft and smooth feeling on my skin, so I'll continue using this.

  • Carol - Nov 22nd 2019

    Perfect fit!

    This is the soap that I come back to all the time after trying out various other bath soaps, gels, and foam. It is just the perfect fit for my dry skin

  • Ridhima - Nov 22nd 2019

    My view as a regular customer.

    I have been using santeva bee honey bar for many, many months, and it works perfectly to clean and keep the skin moist, and I love the scent too! I have been a repeat customer, and will continue to be!

  • Jennie - Nov 21st 2019

    Can be put on your daily routine.

    It's so gentle and soft, I didn't break out, and it toned down any acne that I had. I use this soap bar before using my daily face wash.

  • Mithila - Nov 21st 2019

    I can’t live without it!

    It has become part of my daily routine, both morning and evening. It smells wonderful and my face feels soft and gentle. It lasts a long time. I simply can't, live without it.

  • Mindy - Nov 21st 2019

    Smoothing the skin.

    It definitely doesn't harm your skin and lives up to its promises. I love this soap because it does not dry out my skin. Make sure to moisturise your skin for full results.

  • Roberta - Nov 21st 2019

    Gentle and refreshing.

    Santeva bee-honey soap is such a good product. After using it for just a week I could already feel and see the difference. It's gentle on skin and leaves your skin feeling amazing and refreshed.

  • Libby - Nov 20th 2019

    I am all for it!

    Me and my daughter, we both are using it. She has super sensitive skin but she doesn't get rashes with these. They smell great and give a silky feeling to the skin.

  • Braelynn - Nov 20th 2019

    A good soap for dry skin.

    it leaves my skin soft and smooth. I was using soap before, but it was leaving my skin dry. I like the scent, not too overpowering. The more I use it the better my skin feels. I would recommend this to my friend with dry skin as well; it does moisturize or make it more soft.

  • Aurelie - Nov 20th 2019

    Search is over!

    Exactly what I was looking for. The price is reasonable and the quality of the product is the best. Makes your skin plump and smooth.

  • Amara - Nov 20th 2019

    Perfect in every way.

    The only soap bar I use. Perfect for sensitive skin. It is gentle on my skin, it doesn't irritate or cause problems.

  • Bela - Nov 19th 2019

    Smooth and soothing.

    It's smooth, soothing, and obviously moisturizing. Plus, it contains no harsh chemicals, dyes etc. What's even more important, it lathers up well and provides a good base for showering, washing and cleaning.

  • Kate - Nov 19th 2019

    It keeps the skin moisturized.

    After using it for a little while, I realized that I don't need any moisturizer after using it like I used to need after each shower with any other soap I used before.
    Also, it has a mild and pleasant scent. Worth giving it a try.

  • Eva - Nov 19th 2019

    Honey goodness.

    It smells fantastic and honey is good for keeping the skin silky smooth and also cleans your face and body well.

  • Alex - Nov 19th 2019

    Great soap for the winter.

    The only soap I especially use in the winter. I have a newborn and I am constantly washing my hands and things for the baby. My hands get super dry and crack and bleed especially in the winter. This is the only soap I have found that helps to keep them from getting so dry.

  • Polly - Nov 18th 2019

    Loving it.

    I totally love the fragrance of this soap!It makes your skin feel nice and fresh, you smell amazing. What more could I want? Loving it!

  • Ellie - Nov 18th 2019


    This soap has a wonderful lather. It makes your skin feel very soft and moisturized.
    Both sides feel and smell great long after opening and after multiple uses. Totally my style!

  • Allison Kinsley - Nov 18th 2019

    One great soap.

    A great cleanser for your skin and leaves it feeling silky and smooth.

  • Gabriella - Nov 18th 2019

    Adore it!

    Adore this soap, it smells amazing and enables to balance the pH of your skin, which is among the many reasons it is so nice especially for your face.

  • Mahi - Sep 14th 2019

    good cleanser and exfoliator

    It's been very useful to prevent & banish the breakouts. I feel clean and the glow after every use! It's a very good cleanser and exfoliator.

  • Gloria - Sep 12th 2019

    Will buy it definitely!

    I have never washed my face with a soap before..I received it as a gift for my birthday and fall in love with it! It Made my skin so clear & clean, refreshed renewed and even brighten. it feels great. I would definitely buy it !

  • Tyler - Sep 10th 2019

    It does what is says

    Very effective actually does all what it says on the level, It absolutely helped me with removing my dead cells and brighten my skin. So make sure this is something you really want to do before you try it.

  • Lisa - Sep 7th 2019

    Thanks to Santeva beehoney soap!

    Finally I've found a product which is really dealing with my dead skin and pores. it's also helping with my acne scars and pimple spots. I love how my skin tone is evening out and all thanks to Santeva beehoney soap!

  • Christiana - Sep 4th 2019

    No more breakouts!

    When I first started using this soap on my face, I only used it in the shower, and used a different cleanser before bedtime. But there was no visible improvement unless I started using this product only (followed by my moisturizer) twice a day. Then I noticed my dark spots were fading away and NO more breakouts! It leaves a very fresh feel on the skin.

  • Maddie - Sep 1st 2019

    Amazing soap!!

    I had dark spots due to finally I got to get rid of those dark spots, it’s fading away. It even evens out my skin tone! I can feel a wonderful glow!

  • Shelly - Sep 1st 2019

    It's not bad at all

    This soap is pretty good. I noticed a slight change in my skin only after a few uses. My skin was smooth and bright. I can't wait until I've been using it for a few weeks. Please moisturize after use can be drying.

  • Patricia - Aug 27th 2019

    Dark spots are getting lighter

    I’ve only been using this soap in less than 2 weeks and have already lightened the dark spots on my face, neck and legs. I had pimples which left some black spots on my face and this soap really worked well. The spots are getting lighter day by day! This soap also smells good. Everyone should use a moisturizer after cleansing anyway.

  • Cathrine - Aug 25th 2019

    Seeing the result

    Been using this for about 3 weeks and noticed some difference in complexion I am hoping the age spots will diminish more with continued use. It is a bit irritating at first but gets better more you use it. I would recommend to use it with Santeva Radiance Lightening Lotion.

  • Lidia Forte - Aug 23rd 2019

    Gradual and effective

    I have used 2 soaps so far. This soap is helping to fade dark marks for me (somewhat gradually, but I definitely see a difference). I mean, It’s not vast amount of lightening. It slowly lightens the skin, but there is no side effects.

  • Tiara - Aug 21st 2019

    Good for oily skin

    I have very oily skin and I chose this soap only because of that. First, I thought it might make my skin too dry but it didn't. It gives a smoothness to my face as well my body :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Monica - Aug 19th 2019

    Silky and smooth

    It is an excellent effective soap for the people who suffer from hyper-pigmentation. The best part is it’s absolutely goes with my dry skin. It removes all the dead skin and gives a silky and smooth feeling on my face.

  • Gisselle - Aug 18th 2019

    Gentle and effective

    This soap doesn’t burn my skin like most kojic acid soaps do. This soap is very gentle and effective. I absolutely love it

  • Candace - May 13th 2019

    Gets my skin smooth and silky

    I love using this soap as it really gets my skin so soft and silky. I've been using this soap for about 3months now. At first I thought it won't work because I don't see any peel offs on my skin. But my friends told me after a month of use they said my skin is so soft and silky. So I think not all users will use this soap with have the micro peeling but still this will effect. And now lately my family said it gets my skin fairer.

  • Ray - Mar 3rd 2019

    Good product

    I bought this for my wife and she really loves it.

  • Kendra - Jan 30th 2019

    Very moisurizing

    Moisturzes and lightens the skin. Im amazed

  • Isabelle - Jan 18th 2019

    Love this soap wish is was bigger

    I really love this soap I just wish it was bigger

  • Toya - Dec 17th 2018

    My favorite soap by far!

    I have dry and sensitive skin and this soap is probably the only lightening soap I've used so far that is gentle yet very potent. Not to mention it smells absolutely delicious. After just a couple weeks of use my dark spots started fading and my skin started looking silky smooth. I then made the mistake of switching soaps with a diff kojic acid soap I found on amazon and greatly regret it. I forget how drying koji acid soaps can be, but not Santevas. It must be oils or something they put in it. Now I'm back to using Santeva Glow soap again and I will not be switching anytime soon. I use this in combination with the Santeva Lotion.

  • Lilly - Sep 17th 2018

    It works

    When I first started using it there was a burning tingling sensation. But I realized it was the Kojic Acid in this soap so I made sure not to leave it on too long. After my skin got used to the soap I left it on longer . And now my skin is really even and glows. I love this soap.

  • Lauren - Jun 17th 2018


    Skin is shining . Thank you

  • Susie - May 14th 2018

    Brightens the skin fast

    I Exfoliate with this soap in the shower. My hands are really lighting up with this soap and my face has brightened too. I’ve been using it for a week. I make sure to leave it on for 5 mins before washing it off. It works wonders

  • Debbie - Apr 14th 2018

    Love this soap

    this soap has already started clearing my dark spots on my face and i've only used it for a week and a half. I really like it. It also brightens my skin . very good soap





Santeva Bee honey exfoliating soap has a unique blend of honey, glutathione, alpha arbutin and kojic acid which allows this soap to penetrate deep below the dermis to inhibit the formation of melanin, make your skin lighter, and even toned. Santeva Bee honey soap effectively removes hyperpigmentation, dark spots, and moisturizes dry skin on the body and face. This bar soap removes dead skin cells as its all-natural skin lightening ingredients brighten the skin.  


To use this soap, you will want to use warm water to open your pores before applying the soap to your skin. Lather the soap using exfoliating gloves and apply the soap to your skin. Apply the soap using gentle circular motions. Use cold or lukewarm water to rinse off. If you are using an exfoliating glove make sure to not exfoliate with the glove every day, instead exfoliate about 3 times a week to polish away your flakes and impurities.  


Manuka Honey, Kojic Acid, L-Glutathione, Vitamin E oil, Alpha Arbutin, Coconut Oil


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