Santeva Extreme Glutathione (1500 mg)

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  • Santeva Extreme Glutathione (1500 mg)
  • Santeva Extreme Glutathione (1500 mg)
  • How to use Santeva Glow Glutathione Supplements

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317 Reviews

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  • Dolores - Sep 16th 2020

    Light and glowing

    Mabuhay! Here in the Philippines, the standard of beauty is white rosy skin. I am so glad I found this! It is very effective than all the other gluta supplements I tried This is the ultimate treat to give yourself light and glowing skin. It is super efficient and is really worth every penny spent. My first bottle was given by my aunt but the next was bought by me and shipped here. It just hurts my pocket with the forex conversion rate. I wish I was a dollar earner too.

  • Jaylynn - Sep 16th 2020

    Happy skin

    What happy skin I have today. I am extremely thrilled with hhow bright and wonderful my skin looks. It is bright bright white and beautiful even my coworkers noticed the difference since I started my treatment a month ago.

317 Reviews

  • Dolores - Sep 16th 2020

    Light and glowing

    Mabuhay! Here in the Philippines, the standard of beauty is white rosy skin. I am so glad I found this! It is very effective than all the other gluta supplements I tried This is the ultimate treat to give yourself light and glowing skin. It is super efficient and is really worth every penny spent. My first bottle was given by my aunt but the next was bought by me and shipped here. It just hurts my pocket with the forex conversion rate. I wish I was a dollar earner too.

  • Jaylynn - Sep 16th 2020

    Happy skin

    What happy skin I have today. I am extremely thrilled with hhow bright and wonderful my skin looks. It is bright bright white and beautiful even my coworkers noticed the difference since I started my treatment a month ago.

  • Claudia - Sep 8th 2020

    Wonder pill

    If there existed a wonder pill in this world, this would be it. I am thrilled that I get to experience first class and worl class glutathione experience. Helps with my acne and discoloration. No yucky after taste too.

  • Ruth - Sep 8th 2020

    Crazy amazing

    Its crazy amazing! Like bolluks it is super didooper effective and I have not found another gluta supplement as excellent as this. Visible results in a week. Faded my spots and blemishes.

  • Zoey R. - Sep 3rd 2020

    Right for me

    This glutathione is the right one for me. I am really happy with how this turned up my skin care levels to a hundred yeet. I am super impressed. Muchas gracias Santeva.

  • Unknown - Sep 3rd 2020

    For real

    For real, this is the most effective glutathione on the market. And I have tried many from IV gluta to sublingual. For me, this is the easiest to take and the one which gives most value for money.

  • Shawna - Sep 2nd 2020

    Husband approved

    My husband even said he approves of this product. My skin is brighter and free from scars and dark marks now too. Never thought that there'd be a supplement like this that's so amazing for my skin. Works even better than topicals.

  • Chrissy - Sep 2nd 2020

    Extreme for real

    I usually don’t believe brands that call their products extreme, but this is extreme for real. I feel so impressed because it really brightened up my skin in weeks. So glad i listened to my friend and bought tis.

  • Viola - Aug 27th 2020

    So thrilled

    I am honestly so thrilled with the results. Imo, this is the best gluta pills you can find anywhere in the world. It offers great value for money and my skin has really felt so clear since I started this.

  • Migela - Aug 27th 2020

    Better brighter skin

    For better and brighter skin, this is my choice. It is wonderfully effective. I am soooooo obsessed. I can’t wait to order again. Love that it's very easy to swallow with no yucky aftertaste

  • Whitney - Aug 21st 2020

    Daily regimen

    This is now a staple in my daily regimen because it has really helped stimulate collagen growth. I am so happy with the results that I have gotten from using this product. Even my friends notice

  • Heather - Aug 21st 2020

    Potent levels of antioxidant

    Taking this potent glutathione has made my skin lighter and prettier. I no longer have to worry about dark spots. My skin feels supple and smooth.

  • Marisol - Aug 14th 2020

    Best investment

    One of the Best investments I've ever made by far. It is a great antioxidant and an effective blemish lightener. Even my monthly period zits didn't come out. I was amazed.

  • Aimee - Aug 14th 2020

    Real white and light

    This fulfils it’s promise of real white and light skin. I am so glad I bought this. The overall effect has really been astounding. I read somewhere that gluta is naturally produced by the body so this is very safe. So glad to invest in my sefl.

  • Dana - Jul 29th 2020

    Kept clean

    This really keeps me feeling clean inside and out! My skin doesn’t just look better, but I feel better on the inside too.

  • Lillia - Jul 29th 2020


    I feel much healthier when I take this. It is so rich in antioxidants glutathione. It has also whitened up my darkspots in the skin

  • Melanie - Jul 22nd 2020

    Great compliments

    This definitely deserves only great reviews. Many have given me compliments about how great my complexion has been these days. It is so even! I told them this way the trick of the trade. All of us use it to this day.

  • Eloise - Jul 22nd 2020


    These are the most potent gluta capsules I have ever tried. 1500 mg of gluta! It is really effective in lightenng up my dark spots and freckles

  • Gemma - Jul 17th 2020

    Inner beauty

    This gluta tablets is something that brings out the beauty from within you. It made me shine and look so young and glowy. My husband even said to me I am looking happier and more alive. It is all thanks to you, Santeva

  • Marah - Jul 17th 2020

    Extreme results

    Truly an extreme gluta. The results were fast and amazing. I am two shades lighter than I was in the previous month. My freckles have also disappeared . It is crazy amazing!

  • Jane - Jun 24th 2020

    Best investment ever on skin

    One of the best investments I've ever made for my skincare and healthcare. Love this antioxidant.

  • Hanna - Jun 24th 2020

    Extreme whitening

    I love that this product fulfils its role of progressively whitening skin discoloration. Very effective.

  • Evie - Jun 18th 2020


    I feel insanely energized when i take this. It is part of my daily regimen.

  • Annie - Jun 18th 2020


    Taking this potent gluta daily has been so good for me.

  • Molly - Jun 17th 2020


    This is the perfect gluta for me. Other brands were not that effective. But this is just amazing.

  • Katherine - Jun 17th 2020


    My skin has really brightened up. My kids call me the North Star. Lol

  • Janey - May 14th 2020


    The best supplement for my skin so far. Really helped with my discoloration.

  • Audrey - May 14th 2020


    Was compelled to try this after reading the reviews. Wow. Am glad I did because I can see results after a week.

  • Annie - May 9th 2020


    I feel lighter and whiter after a week of use. My skin feels satiny.

  • Maricar - May 9th 2020

    Age defying

    I really feel this is great for mature skin. Love how it softened my wrinkles.

  • Kiara - May 4th 2020

    Works fast

    This works extremely well in giving me silky skin. I feel more confident now that I can rely on this world-class product.

  • Dannica - May 4th 2020

    Best supplement

    I saw extreme results within a week of using this capsule. My face pigmentation became lighter. I love it.

  • Hani - Apr 30th 2020


    I was super annoyed at the dark armpits and linea negra I had on my stomach after giving birth. My friend mentioned glutathione will help whiten so I gave it a tray. After a month, these dark areas have faded phenomenally.

  • Tamarah - Apr 30th 2020

    Fatty Liver

    My doctor warned me that I had borderline fatty-liver with high SGPT in my last bloodwork. He said glutathione will help me lower it. After a month of taking this extreme product, my last blood chemistry showed significant improvements.

  • Anna - Apr 8th 2020

    Highly Recommended

    I have felt better than I have in a long time and I have recommended it to several people. I take 2 a day.

  • Audrey - Apr 8th 2020

    Its a Miracle!

    This is the miracle supplement I have been needing for a long time! It has really helped with my energy levels and has improved brain function.

  • Stephanie - Apr 7th 2020

    Changes are showing!

    I take this for my dry and patchy skin problems. It heIps a lot and i noticed that my skin has became more shiny too.

  • Dane - Apr 7th 2020

    Very Fast!

    The capsules looked fresh and clean, the delivery was fast and I am glad that I decided to try santeva glutathione supplement.

  • ALex - Apr 3rd 2020

    This is it!

    Good product with a better price. Glutathione protects every organ of the body, and if I could only take one supplement it IS this one.

  • Barbara - Apr 3rd 2020

    Great Job!

    This product really brightened up my skin. This is money very well spent. I will recommend this to my friends.

  • Marge - Mar 30th 2020

    Such a brilliant one.

    Glutathione is one of the most fundamental antioxidants the human body produces, and declines with age. With such a high dose I could feel the effects almost immediately.

  • Alli - Mar 30th 2020


    I've been taking this for a year now, and I feel years younger! It has helped me with every aging aliment I've had!

  • Loise - Mar 30th 2020

    Gives nice outcomes.

    I am seeing a big decrease in acne and bumpy arms as a result of taking it. Also some dark spots are clearing up.

  • Anu - Mar 30th 2020

    Helps me stay energetic.

    I really like this brand. One of the first things I take in the morning, I take it with my tea to get me going the whole day - helps me stay young and healthy.

  • Zalie - Mar 28th 2020

    Pricey but does an splendid job.

    My skin seemed brightened as well as my armpits and I’m just on my second bottle. Just a little pricey.

  • Eeline - Mar 28th 2020

    May take time, but works.

    Makes my skin look brighter. It may take time to work, but for me I started seeing results in about two weeks.

  • Moyami - Mar 28th 2020

    Will stick with it

    Well I just took the pills for 1 week I can see a change in the softness of my skin and lightening. I'm sure I'm going to keep using this.

  • Meenal - Mar 27th 2020

    Money spent well.

    This product really cleared up my skin. I was worried about spending my hard earned cash on this, but it did it’s job, hence, money well spent.

  • Samaya - Mar 27th 2020

    Fast and fair.

    The bottle and pills both came intact. The capsules looked fresh and clean, the delivery was fast and I am glad that I decided to try santeva glutathione supplement.

  • Carlia - Mar 27th 2020

    Gave me confidence.

    It has even out certain part of my skin. I like that now I can be confident about wearing short sleeves or sleeveless dresses.

  • Deen - Mar 27th 2020


    I’m satisfied with this product. I take this for my dry and patchy skin problems. It heIps a lot and i noticed that my skin has became more shiny too.

  • Shilpa - Mar 26th 2020

    Will be ordering again.

    This product delivers - works really well, the body’s natural master anti-oxidant and great detox support.
    Would certainly be ordering regularly

  • Huna - Mar 26th 2020

    Working in all ways.

    Brought this for stress and anxiety and I am sleeping better as a result. Also my skin has improved which I was not expecting!

  • Doleen - Mar 26th 2020

    Keeping me healthy.

    I really feel like this together with vit c is giving my immune strength and sheltering me from getting infected during such a pandemic.

  • Karlina - Mar 26th 2020

    Gave my energy back.

    I have been taking this for 3 months. I was so tired. I couldn't get out of bed and was sleeping for hours all day. I was tired all day. This santeva extreme gave me my energy back. I can't wait till you re-stock.

  • Unknown - Mar 26th 2020

    Takes a while but does work.

    Definitely helps as my skin is seeing some significant changes to it, like my skin don’t break out much these days or that the spots on my face seems to have lessen. But it did take a time and patience to see the results. Plz re-stock!

  • Unknown - Mar 26th 2020


    So glad that you’re still in stock and still shipping. I ran out of these and was scared if I will have to halt taking them for a while because of the mayhem that is going around in the world but fortunately you’re still shipping. I hope this trouble times soon comes to an end.

  • Nanda - Mar 26th 2020

    Genuine products that are hard to find.

    I have age spots on my face and have tried everything to get rid of them but only this supplement seems to help. So, I am assured that these are genuine glutathione.

  • Janie - Mar 26th 2020

    Strengthen your immune to tackle any disease.

    Such great supplement to get brighter skin while boosting your immune power. I feel so energized after taking these and I have hiked up the dosage in the recent days since I need to be immune now more than ever to shield myself from that horrific disease, covid-19. Keep your hands clean and your immune strong!

  • Aisha Tahsin - Mar 24th 2020

    A regular buyer.

    So far, I did not experience any discomfort neither any subtle side effect. In fact, I feel healthier than ever! I really love this supplement that it is now on top of my list to buy regularly.

  • Jasmine Bhatt - Mar 24th 2020

    Best thing I have tried recently.

    This is my second bottle, as my first one had successfully given me all the reasons to make this product a regular part of my diet. Since I started using it, I realized the remarkable change in my digestive system. I feel good inside and out, and my energy has improved a lot as well.

  • Krystal Jatt - Mar 24th 2020

    Helped my kid out.

    Bought this for my daughter who had a bad spurt of acne. It’s finally improving and scars are lightening. It also seems to be helping some red sun damage on my cheeks.

  • Ino - Mar 24th 2020

    Giving me limitless benefits.

    I have had glutathione in the past and this is the best so far, with items mentioned above I literally look years younger....never had face lift but taking this with my daily beauty routine sure looks as though I have.

  • Purnima - Mar 24th 2020

    A great brand.

    In case of glutathione, I have found this particular brand to be best!!

  • Conny - Mar 24th 2020

    High dose but secure.

    I have been taking them for a couple of weeks now. They had no adverse effects as sometimes such high dose supplements can have.

  • Kumut - Mar 24th 2020

    Worth spending on.

    I don't believe splurging on supplements. But this one had the strength I needed, so I am ready to spend cash on it without any remorse.

  • Leon - Mar 24th 2020

    Skin is shinning!

    Been taking it for 20 days now with breakfast and with Vit C and my skin glows and my sleep is better.

  • Soborna - Mar 22nd 2020

    Prevented me my breaking out.

    The pills looked fresh and it did what it said it would do. Gave me energy and prevented my skin from breaking out.

  • Kelari - Mar 22nd 2020

    Skin looking like a dream.

    A pricy one, but it did brighten my skin, even as well as skin tone, and makes my skin feel and look healthy and nourished.

  • Sui - Mar 22nd 2020

    Toned down the problems.

    Took advice and combined this glutathione supplement with vitamin c. It's been 3 weeks and I have gotten compliments and seen results myself of how my skin looking fresher, healthier, and brighter. It also toned down my acne scars and dark spots.

  • Shanti - Mar 22nd 2020

    Full of wonder.

    I feel like this product is worth the money and does wondrous deeds for skin benefits.

  • Imli - Mar 21st 2020

    The second time.

    I am on my second shipment. I have used many creams, some take months to work. I noticed a difference in my skin around the second week.

  • Gammi - Mar 21st 2020

    Taking it with vit c.

    Took product as directed. I'm down to my last few pills and I'm starting to see some results. Seems to work better with vitamin C.

  • Jone - Mar 21st 2020

    Looks to be doing the job.

    My complexion is dark and I am getting laser hair removal. Unfortunately it is often hard for the laser to distinguish my hair from my skin complexion. After using this product, I am noticing that my skin is brightening.
    The product seems to be working thus far.

  • Stacie - Mar 21st 2020

    Came smoothly and working greatly.

    I expected the flavor to be bitter but it was actually very good. The packaging was nice as well it came very quick. You also get good amount of product for the reasonable price.

  • Saun - Mar 20th 2020

    Just started!

    Based on what I have read and been told, this should help with the dark spots on my face - and I'm crossing my fingers because I just started taking it!!!

  • Musuki - Mar 20th 2020

    Solved the problems.

    I have age spots on my face and have tried everything to get rid of, I am hopeful in this product as it did seem to have helped my sister with her acne and hyper pigmentation problems.

  • Ferin - Mar 20th 2020

    Did me major good!

    This is not a magic pill, but it’s absolutely amazing. I followed the suggested rules and pre-cautions whilst taking the pills and I have to say, it did my skin major favor!

  • Eugene - Mar 20th 2020

    The claims were true.

    This stuff seems to actually work! I can see slight difference in my skin tone. I was skeptical and this was recommended to me by a close friend, whose claims turned out to be fairly true.

  • Keela - Mar 19th 2020

    Started low, will go high.

    I started out at a lower dosage to make sure I had no side effects. I am almost finished with my first bottle and I’m assured that there will be no harmful effects. So, when I order the second bottle I will start taking the higher dosage with ease of mind.

  • Archa - Mar 19th 2020

    Easy to take.

    I like that this one has more mg compared to other brands that has only 500. It’s easy to swallow.

  • Wonnie - Mar 19th 2020

    Surprising results.

    Never used any brightening tablets before, but took on my friend’s suggestion, since I recently got dark patches on my face. And, to my surprise the spots reduced.

  • Kammi - Mar 19th 2020

    So exciting!

    I am beyond happy with this product. It really does lighten dark spots. The first week my stomach did have to adjust and was getting extreme thirst, but this was my body adjusting to new daily ingredients and I was drinking less amount of water, then the santeva customer care rep advised me to drink lots of water and I got so much benefits! I am excited to see more of the results and will be buying for future use as well.

  • Aadina - Mar 17th 2020

    Waiting with exicitment!

    I have dark spots on my legs I’ve been trying to lighten up for 2years now! I’ve tried everything and this I noticed major brightening on scars and it’s only been 2 weeks! I cannot wait for days to see ending results!!

  • Jaquline - Mar 17th 2020

    No regrets

    I don’t regret paying money for this because every cent is worth it. Don’t expect it to start working as soon as you start taking it. I started seeing results after 2 weeks so don’t stress if you don’t see results right away.

  • Adil - Mar 17th 2020

    Such a confidence booster!

    Now I feel beautiful and have my self esteem back. I will buy this product again and will recommend this to everyone.

  • Koeun - Mar 17th 2020


    This is my 2nd bottle, my first bottle was given to me by a friend and I noticed somewhat brighter skin by week 2. I needed this as my skin had blotches of darker pigmentations so I am on my 2nd bottle and very happy with my results from just the 4 weeks from the 1st bottle. I only took 2 capsules once a day. THIS IS A KEEPER!!!

  • Abina - Mar 15th 2020

    A honest product.

    Years in the Military and a deployment have left me with many scars. Acne has left me with pigmentation issues. In a matter of days I could see the difference. Not looking to lighten my skin, only to even it out.

  • Nabeel - Mar 15th 2020

    Totally worked for my sis!

    I ordered this pills for my sister who kept bothering me from Africa, I sent it to her and went visiting her back home exactly 2 months after she got the pills and it works great, she looks lighter and her skin is cleared, will highly recommend this

  • Joan - Mar 15th 2020

    Too good!

    I’ve taken other glutathione pills and I didn’t see results this quickly. Almost too good to be true.

  • Kahea - Mar 15th 2020

    For beautiful skin.

    I have been looking for brightening products like this, now I found it! Good product for beautiful skin!

  • Yinny - Mar 14th 2020

    For securing all over health.

    This is good for my interior and exterior through cleansing and at this dose... I have found this particular brand to be the best.

  • Pintu - Mar 14th 2020

    Def gonna keep using it.

    Been taking it for 11 days now with breakfast and with Vit C and my skin glows and my sleep is also better.

  • Haya - Mar 14th 2020

    Assuring as it seems to work.

    I’ve used this for several years to eliminate the depressing and stubborn age spots.
    It takes time but it works!

  • Maggie - Mar 14th 2020

    For immune maintenance.

    I take glutathione paired with vitamin C on every day, for daily immune maintenance.

  • Gladyis - Mar 13th 2020

    Made a difference.

    My husband has been suffering with severe fatigue and neurological issues caused and accompanied by constant infections. Pretty much he has slept the last 8 years away. After using this product, he is now awake most of the day! I cannot tell you what a difference this has made.

  • Dubina - Mar 13th 2020

    Nice in quality and price.

    After 3 weeks of use, I can say that it feels much better comparatively to other brands. Also there is no after taste, no side effects for me so far, easy to pop pills. Competitively priced. I would say there is no harm in trying and I might go for a second bottle

  • Rima - Mar 13th 2020

    Great product!

    I use this to support detoxification pathways and healthy functioning of the liver.

  • Ray - Mar 13th 2020

    Very happy with this product

    I was highly recommended by a friend of mine for gut issues. Will purchase again. The capsules are reasonable size if anyone has an issue taking pills.

  • Linny - Mar 13th 2020

    Reduces inflammation.

    I 've taken other glutathione supplements... not all of them are good. Genuine glutathione is important. And I think I can feel this one working after taking a large dose, effective for inflammation

  • Gera - Mar 13th 2020


    I was truly impressed by the packing and quality of the product when i received my Glutathione supplement from santeva. It is easy to take, tasted good and did wonders. I was down with a viral infection and it was pretty bad, but this helped in boosting my immune system and I was up and about in a couple of days. Would really recommend it!

  • Somin - Mar 13th 2020

    Will order more soon.

    I take it regularly along with other glutathione supporting supplements and I eat as many foods that help support my natural production as I can. This is an awesome product and I'll definitely keep ordering it now that I've found it again!

  • Dona - Mar 13th 2020

    Prompt results.

    The results are almost immediate. I would recommend this to anyone struggling with hyper pigmentation.

  • Jubeen - Mar 13th 2020

    For smooth skin.

    I began to notice that it makes my skin look better (more creamy and even toned) when I take it regularly.

  • Halen - Mar 13th 2020

    A worth it supplement.

    Good product for a good price. Glutathione protects every organ of the body, and if I could only take one supplement it would be this one.

  • Neal - Mar 13th 2020


    Been taking this off and on for a while now, it works pretty quickly. I was experiencing Swelling over my knees, signs of diabetes and really bad cystic acne. My Blood pressure was high and I had veins popping out around my eyes, along with a sluggish lymphatic system. I started taking this and my situation turned around. This brand is amazing. I also use their other products and I love it.

  • Pat - Mar 13th 2020

    Value is right!

    I don't believe that buying supplements should break the bank. This one had the strength I needed for good value.

  • Lynette - Mar 9th 2020

    Pretty from inside and out.

    What I like about the product is its very gentle to my stomach even taking it before meal! I see how it works to my body/skin. It gives me energy the entire day.

  • Beyel - Mar 9th 2020

    It’s great!

    Great reasonable size. And the quality is great along with proper packaging.

  • Borno - Mar 9th 2020

    Better and better life.

    I had more energy, better digestion and my skin looked brighter. My digestion has been better but I also have been eating better since I started taking this as well.

  • Lare - Mar 9th 2020

    Takes good care of your skin.

    It’s hard to be sure, but I think this is helping with eliminating toxins and digestion. My skin seems to be brighter and I didn’t have any breakouts this month.

  • Roop - Mar 7th 2020


    I really enjoyed the whitening effect of santeva glutathione paired with vit c compared to other brands.

  • Nobal - Mar 7th 2020

    Going to stock it up.

    I am very pleased with this brand. I like this brand because it has no side effects. It is great for all skin types. Will order more soon, as I hate running out.

  • Jene - Mar 7th 2020

    Using it and seeing the changes.

    I’ve been using this product together with Vit c for many months. I feel good. It makes my skin clearer and the more I use these products the more I see changes and improvement in my skin.

  • Lara - Mar 7th 2020

    Good experience.

    Just received this product few weeks back. Already I'm experiencing a long lasting energy. I haven't felt tired all day. I have been so productive without one cup of coffee, truly happy and having an amazing experience!!

  • Lovely - Mar 5th 2020

    Improvement is eminent.

    Love it! Totally helped improve my immune system and digestion issues, plus made my skin clearer and spots free.

  • Ishara - Mar 5th 2020

    Great going!

    I just started taking this literally yesterday. I have a lot of energy today for some reason. So I'm looking forward for more of these good results. I think santeva makes quality supplements.

  • Kaile - Mar 5th 2020

    Totally the product I was looking for.

    Fast delivery. Good product. Gives me a natural energy boost. I will continue to take it

  • Pari Kaur - Mar 5th 2020

    Aides in healing.

    I take this when I know I’m going to need a boost in healing. My surgeons have remarked on the fact that my incisions heal very quickly with little scaring.

  • Andie - Mar 4th 2020

    Keeps you young & healthy.

    Really helps with mood/depression/anxiety/energy, whilst catering to my skin’s well being and keeping it looking young n healthy.

  • Saleen - Mar 4th 2020

    Best by far.

    Thank you so much for making a high-quality product. I have tried others form of glutathione and this is by far the best!

  • Mariana Davis - Mar 4th 2020

    So far I am hooked!

    I feel a noticeable increase in energy when I take these pills and skin seems to have gainedit’s life back. Despite a heavy schedule, my energy and skin doesn’t look worn out.

  • Sethie - Mar 4th 2020


    Great supplement. While taking this I was in a super good mood and had lots of energy... Maybe a little too much energy since I was still wide awake at bedtime. I was taking one at breakfast and one at lunch, so maybe only take it in the morning if you want to sleep at night

  • Kerekes - Jan 20th 2020

    With time it works.

    It took a couple of weeks for it to work on me, but I haven't been as hungry as I used to be. I have also lost weight, and it has helped with my digestion some as well.

  • Juana - Jan 20th 2020


    This is a healthy supplement! I take it for its anti aging, heart health and antioxidant properties. I take this along with vitamin c. My skin feels amazing.

  • Lexi - Jan 20th 2020

    Take it with open mind.

    I took this for a month, and I can’t really say it helped much in giving me a fair skin-tone but my health does feel better and my skin is much clearer of any acne or pimples. So, take it with realistic hope will be my advice.

  • Rose Bayldon - Jan 20th 2020

    Feeling young.

    It has helped me with every aging aliment I've had, from joint pain to energy level. I'm 67, right now I'm feeling better than I have since my 40's.

  • Klara - Jan 19th 2020

    Good detox agent.

    This product works! Good for skin, also helps mood and focus. It is a powerful detoxifying agent and is very helpful to the liver.

  • Veronika - Jan 19th 2020

    Works great!

    Great for detoxification! The brand is high quality, pure one; with no harmful fillers like mercury, silica etc. Also, it’s reasonably priced and works great!

  • Maximiliana - Jan 19th 2020

    Quality and form

    Both the quality and form of this glutathione is right on the money. This is what I want in a supplement, and this is what they provide.

  • Gardine Partida Carbajal - Jan 19th 2020

    Quite impressed.

    I really like this supplement. I haven't been sick since starting it 4 months ago. Pretty impressed with how fast it is showing the benefits.

  • Alexandrin - Jan 18th 2020

    Brings positivity.

    Taking for clear skin it seems to have a positive change. I would recommend this product for overall health.

  • Morgana - Jan 18th 2020

    Gets you wondering.

    I’m new to using glutathione. But with proper skin care and this capsule, I am seeing changes with my skin. I wonder what’s more results I will getting after 2-3 months of use, hopefully the better outcome will carry on.

  • Felicienne - Jan 18th 2020


    It’s a great glutathione product and does boost up your energy but I can’t yet say if it really does brighten your skin. Though, it does seem to even out the skin tone for me and stop my skin from breaking out.

  • Holly - Jan 18th 2020

    Can’t go on without it.

    Love this product; it actually works in giving you fair skin. Now, I have become used to not start my day without it.

  • Niina - Jan 17th 2020

    In my daily routine.

    I like this supplemet from santeva It has become my daily ritual to take it with my vita C in the morning. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for added health benefits.

  • Madison Conley - Jan 17th 2020

    Gives you hopeful.

    I am enjoying taking this stuff, it reduces inflammation and gives me more energy. I will continue to take it and see what more beneficial results it can bring to my health and life.

  • Božidarka - Jan 17th 2020

    Much nicer than I anticipated.

    It provided good results but I am not yet at the skin tone I wanted. Though my skin is much better than it has been before taking these.

  • Johanne - Jan 17th 2020

    Continuing on.

    I thought this product wasn’t going to work as I was seeing no difference.But fortunately I didn’t stop taking it (it too costly to just throw it away anyway) and after a few days, I felt the difference in my body and health. So my two cents is that, Stick with the program and it will pay off.

  • Niamh Buckley - Jan 16th 2020

    In my daily routine.

    like this supplemet from santeva It has become my daily ritual to take it with my vita C in the morning. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for added health benefits.

  • Gracie - Jan 16th 2020

    Makes you hopeful.

    I am enjoying taking this stuff, it reduces inflammation and gives me more energy. I will continue to take it and see what more beneficial results it can bring to my health and life.

  • Laila - Jan 16th 2020

    Much nicer than I anticipated.

    It provided good results but I am not yet at the skin tone I wanted. Though my skin is much better than it has been before taking these.

  • Pauline - Jan 16th 2020

    Continuing on.

    I thought this product wasn’t going to work as I was seeing no difference.But fortunately I didn’t stop taking it (it too costly to just throw it away anyway) and after a few days, I felt the difference in my body and health. So my two cents is that, Stick with the program and it will pay off.

  • Lynn - Jan 15th 2020

    Definitely recommended!

    I absolutely felt the difference!It’s the best absorbable glutathione in the market. After putting it in part of my supplement regime, in one month it brought my blood sugar and cholesterol numbers to normal.

  • Gene - Jan 15th 2020

    For healthy immune system.

    I have positive experience with this one. Having a weak immune system issue is very hard on one’s body, let alone the lack of energy. This product helped me gain energy and also gave me a sense of well being.

  • Terry - Jan 15th 2020


    Amazing! I added Santeva Glutathione supplements to my daily intake and I love it. This supplement gives me great peace in knowing that I am addressing my preventative health needs. Thank you!

  • Moe - Jan 15th 2020

    Going to keep taking it.

    I took it and felt more energized. Definitely, improved the quality of my sleep. I have more mental clarity. Somehow I lost a pound or 2; I eat same food and drink every day. I'm impressed with Glutathione.

  • Amanda Overton - Jan 15th 2020

    Will continue with this one.

    I am taking glutathione with vit C and I can honestly say I feel a difference! My cognitive seems to have improved along with sleep and energy! I will continue to take them!

  • Jisoo - Jan 15th 2020

    Helps you out.

    This is so convenient and safe. I plan to keep on taking these capsules to enhance my health and life.

  • Zubair - Jan 15th 2020

    Good product in reasonable price.

    I tried this supplement after spending much more cash previously on a different brand. This is a great Glutathione supplement with great results and at a fraction of the price than other brands.

  • Opal - Jan 15th 2020

    Become brighter.

    I bought this product to help with detoxification. So far I have noticed that I am not nearly as slacking in the morning or even throughout the day. My skin seems to be clearing up, and my skin tone has become brighter.

  • Hina - Jan 13th 2020

    Aided in my healing.

    Ended up developing a rash on my face, so I changed my diet and added this product to aid in healing my immune system. I am seeing improvement in the rash in just a couple of weeks. This product genuinely aided in my healing process

  • Eisa - Jan 13th 2020


    Many of the other supplements I've tried haven't done much. But this one works. Overall, I just feel better. My body is calm and happy, plus I feel like I have got more energy now.

  • Sinna - Jan 13th 2020

    Cures you from the inside.

    Taking glutathione with a few other supplements to reverse melasma caused by birth control. This is definitely helping plus it is an all around great antioxidant! Enhances the skin’s outlook.

  • Chanda - Jan 13th 2020

    Earned my trust.

    I was concerned about my liver function, so started taking these. My next test results showed improved liver function. Going to continue taking them regularly from now on.

  • Venessa - Jan 12th 2020


    Good quality supplement from a good company! Works amazing with Vit C in clearing and brightening your skin and boosting your immune system.

  • Hardiana - Jan 12th 2020

    Will continue on.

    I've been taking this supplement for many months. The capsules are easy to swallow and the product seems to be doing what it's designed to do.

  • Nessie - Jan 12th 2020

    Helps with it all.

    Definitely helps during times of stress, injury or anytime the body needs extra detoxification support, or support fighting free radical exposure.

  • Octivia - Jan 12th 2020

    Pleasant product.

    I have used this product for at least 2 months and so far pleased with it. I don’t have any dramatic results to share, but I’m hoping that the supplement is assisting in cleansing my liver and in turn helping my skin eventually.

  • Nasrin - Jan 11th 2020

    No harmfulness.

    It’s a good product. It really worked for me. I like it especially as there were no side effects of taking this glutathione, like bloating, allergic reactions etc

  • Ishaani - Jan 11th 2020

    Must needed one.

    I cycle on and off of this product as I do with most supplements, but I notice that I am more sluggish when I don't take this. I find this to be helpful since I am in my fifties and understand that my natural glutathione production has probably slowed down in my age.

  • Yeenie - Jan 11th 2020

    Actually helps.

    For me, I’ve noticed my skin clearing up and becoming suppler! And my voice seemed to clear up too.

  • Junaid - Jan 11th 2020

    Feeling thankful.

    I’m struggling with low immune system, headaches and fatigue for the last 2 years. A close friend of minerecommended this brand of glutathione and I couldn’t be more grateful, it’s working very well for me so far.

  • Hebie - Jan 9th 2020

    Liking it!

    I still haven’t seen any benefits for my skin yet, but I do feel sort of more energized every day. Hence I am going to stick with this version for now. Main thing is I really appreciate you for not adding any filler or other things to this product.

  • Jamina - Jan 9th 2020

    Full of benefits.

    There are many benefits in taking these, the most noticeable benefits for me seem to be healthier and less dry skin, and my immune system also seems to stay very strong.

  • Jeohan - Jan 9th 2020

    Better than the rest.

    I liked the product and found it to be reasonably priced compared to competitor’s products. I find it to work just as well as more expensive brands.

  • Faiza - Jan 9th 2020

    Blown away!

    After taking these my skin’s life has returned. This product goes a long way in helping issues that are the result of toxin build up in my opinion.

  • Georgie - Jan 9th 2020

    Taking it everyday.

    I don’t feel much difference in my energy levels, but my liver is functioning well and I really appreciate the extra antioxidant protection I am getting from taking these regularly.

  • Karlie - Jan 9th 2020

    Skin becomes better.

    I have used about 4 different glutathione in the past and I can say this is the most effective one. It makes my skin clearer, free of dark spots , fairer and supple, I like how my wrinkles have diminished too!

  • Lanie - Jan 9th 2020

    Good product.

    This is the best form of glutathione. It needs to be combined with glow and vit c for better results through. No point in wasting money on less effective forms of Glutathione, take santeva ones for best outcome.

  • Ivy - Jan 9th 2020

    Can’t find anything wrong in it.

    I have been taking these for a month and there are no bad symptoms. It contributes in ridding my system of free radicals and toxins of all level.

  • Gian - Jan 9th 2020

    Seeing good results.

    I feel like this product has increased my mood as well because of an increase in energy.If you don't like pills you can open the capsule and add it to a glass of juice like what I do occasionally.

  • Minie - Jan 9th 2020

    For your betterment

    This is one of the best glutathione supplements out there. It is the most effective and genuine product. Will advice to take Vit C with this for better results

  • Eillie - Jan 9th 2020


    The first week of use produced an odd body odor when working out; this went away by day 8. I felt as if I had more energy throughout the day. Sleep improved as well as mental clarity. Overall it is a great detox component.

  • Rema - Jan 9th 2020

    Happy customer.

    This product is amazing! I had severe adrenal fatigue, and this helped me with my energy levels at once. For me, it took about few hours after taking it to feel the effects. I take it in the morning and early afternoon.

  • Alfie - Jan 4th 2020

    For skin’s betterment!

    I love this supplement! They’ve become part of my daily supplement routine and I notice a big difference in how I feel and on my overall well-being, when I do and don’t take these!

  • Poppy - Jan 4th 2020

    Skin is getting better.

    I'm taking it to improve the spots on my face and I am seeing great results. My skin is getting better by each day.

  • April - Jan 4th 2020


    It seems to have helped my back considerably and my arthritis in my wrists shoulders and back. I have recommended it to my friends and families.

  • Arie - Jan 4th 2020


    This is magic. My mother and I use it daily and it made our face clean and smooth, it’s completely safe and we will be ordering it again.

  • Davina - Jan 3rd 2020

    Helps you with it all.

    Good product and lasts forever. Helps with gut issues like hashimotos, glad about this product and highly recommend it.

  • Rabecca - Jan 3rd 2020

    Pure bliss.

    I have been using this for months, but I noticed when I started this product it had a better potency. It seems superior to what I was accustomed to before and I appreciate its purity.

  • Gia - Jan 3rd 2020

    Will be with it forever.

    I have an autoimmune disease and this product has helped to cleanse my cells. I believe it has helped to put my problem into remission. I have taken 1 per day for the past 6 months and I will continue forever.

  • Vernon - Jan 3rd 2020

    Extremely happy.

    Literally can't live without Glutathione due to severe mold poisoning years ago.I tried some other brands but could really tell they just weren't as good. This brand however works very well, has quality ingredients, you get a lot for the money and I can feel it works.

  • Wayne - Jan 2nd 2020

    Full of benefits.

    I feel it works really well. I feel better and skin is better too. There are so many benefits to taking a glutathione supplement.

  • Heemi - Jan 2nd 2020

    High in demand!

    I could tell a difference as soon as I started taking this supplement, my skin is glowing and acne spots are fading away. I feel stronger and have more energy. Would recommend highly.

  • Eve - Jan 2nd 2020

    Can’t live without it.

    First time to take this product. I felt so much energy even with just a few hours sleep. My mood stays elevated and I feel like doing productive things. A big thumbs up to Santeva .

  • Sohael - Jan 2nd 2020

    A pill to happiness.

    This seller is great and the product works. I have a lot more energy and feel much better. I've stopped taking my antidepressants and now only take Glutathione as it’s keeping me happy and well.

  • Isobel - Jan 1st 2020


    This product has taken the arthritis away from my leg. It has also taken away cramping in my husband's legs and hands. Brilliant product!

  • Phill - Jan 1st 2020

    Feeling great!

    I've been taking this for over a year now, and I feel 10 years younger! It has helped me with every aging aliment I've had, from joint pain to energy level.

  • Tumpa - Jan 1st 2020

    Skin is clearing up.

    I did not realize that taking extra glutathione could have beneficial effects on the skin. I am not the one using but a family member reports a big decrease in acne and bumpy arms as a result of taking it. Also some dark spots are clearing up too. I am also going to be taking it from now on.

  • Tess - Jan 1st 2020

    Helps you stay young.

    I really like this brand. One of the first things I take in the morning, I open the capsule and dump it in my mouth, with my tea to get me going - helps me to stay young.

  • Jeffie - Dec 31st 2019

    Smoothens your looks.

    After taking this product I awoke to softer skin literally overnight. My complexion is evening out and I notice the difference primarily on my hands. My hands are much smoother and the wrinkles are literally smoothing out.

  • Hiba - Dec 31st 2019

    Won’t be disappointed.

    It is good product. I have been using these whitening pills almost 4 months now. It has amazing benefits that are noticeable.Try it for yourself; you definitely will not be disappointed.

  • Hope - Dec 31st 2019

    Great in every way.

    I didn't buy it to lighten my complexion, I bought it for added liver support, hoping for an energy boost.But I got complimented on my complexion a couple of times after I started taking this product for a couple of weeks. My energy level has improved as I take it with vitamin C.

  • Taemin - Dec 31st 2019

    Best detox product.

    I absolutely love this product. I have been using it for 2 months now and it truly works. I feel so energetic and of course I did my own research. Glutathione is a super antioxidant that has multiple benefits including skin brightening and it flushes toxins out of your body better than any detox product that I've tried.

  • Tamie - Dec 31st 2019

    Noticeable results.

    I am finishing up my first month using it and I really believe I can tell a difference in my complexion! My skin seems much more even in texture and less dark spots or pigmentation! Excited to continue using it for even more noticeable results!

  • Perrie - Dec 31st 2019

    Increase in energy levels.

    Glutathione seemed to have effects on the whole body. I actually stumbled across this brand from a google search. I’m 2 weeks in and I feel amazing! I take it in the evening with my dinner since I was said to take it with food and that’s easiest for me to remember. I can say that my energy levels have gradually increased.

  • Komal - Dec 31st 2019

    You will notice changes.

    I have noticed my skin now has a healthy glow. Also, the black heads on my nose are clearing up which has been a pleasant benefit. I can only imagine the improvements that are happening in the rest of my body.

  • Genilia - Dec 31st 2019

    Glad to take it!

    It is an effective antioxidant. I started taking it because I have years of sun damage resulting in dark patches on my face and neck. I am seeing major improvement and am really glad that I gave it a chance.

  • Ernie - Dec 30th 2019


    The product is very gentle to my stomach even taking it before meal! I see how it works to my body/skin. It gives me energy the entire day. I look beautiful on the outside and feel healthy in the inside.

  • Jeffery - Dec 30th 2019

    Better overall health.

    After taking these I felt that I had more energy, better digestion and my skin looked brighter. My digestion has been better but I also have been eating better since I started taking this as well.

  • June - Dec 30th 2019

    So so happy!

    So I’ve been using these for about two weeks now and these are the best.I’ve been feeling down in the dumps and had no energy for social interaction. I feel soo happy and cheerful again after taking these! Also, seeing drastic change in my skin.

  • Uttara - Dec 30th 2019

    Can’t be happier.

    After taking these pills, it has cleaned up my chronic black and white head problem around my eyes, chin, and cheeks. Amazing, couldn't be happier!

  • Moyeen - Dec 28th 2019

    Working out great.

    I love this product. I take this glutathione along with Vitamin C for lightening my skin. I also take it for its liver detoxification benefits. And, it’s working out great. My look and health both have improved, thanks to Santeva’s products.

  • Zorina - Dec 28th 2019

    Top of my list.

    After being on these for a while I feel healthier than ever! I really love this supplement, it’s now on the top of my list to buy regularly.

  • Ozone - Dec 28th 2019

    Goodness everywhere.

    The results are pleasingly visible and undeniable. My skin has been more glowing and bright as I continuously use it. I take twice a day with Vitamin C and so far, I did not experience any discomfort neither any subtle side effect.

  • Milla - Dec 28th 2019

    Improved skin.

    This is my second bottle, as my first one had successfully given me all the reasons to make this product a regular part of my diet. Since I started using it, I realized the remarkable change in my digestive system. I feel good inside and out, and my energy has improved a lot as well.

  • Miran - Dec 27th 2019

    Loving it so far.

    I have been suffering from all sorts of skin allergies and this one really improved my skin condition. I bought this with my friend’s recommendation and I'm loving it so far. I feel like it's making my skin glow too!

  • Billie - Dec 27th 2019

    Best option for skin out there.

    If you’re looking for something to improve the quality of your hair and skin, this brand will do the trick. Also, if you need something to help keep you going through the day, one that combats your fatigue then this is the best option for you.

  • Rasel - Dec 27th 2019

    Feels great!

    My skin which is usually dull and kind of ashy is now bright and glowing. The mild eczema that has damaged the skin under my knees has cleared! This is great! I will definitely continue using this product!

  • Finn - Dec 27th 2019

    No complaints.

    I have been taking glutathione for weeks now. I take it for keeping a good health and overall skin maintenance. No adverse reaction from it. I noticed that I have more energy and it makes me want to exercise more. I also have sensitive skin and I have noticed that I do not have any itchiness since taking this supplement.

  • Haley Lim - Dec 26th 2019

    Won my heart.

    I have tried another brand which I won't name, and then I took this one and felt it was much more effective. I highly recommend it. You can tally it with multiple brands and you will see this product is of excellent quality!

  • Ann - Dec 26th 2019

    Going great.

    My elbows are soft and I have a nice glow going, which is pretty awesome. However, I have not seen any color change yet, but I guess that will take time. I'll continue to use these for a while especially as there is no bad side effect after consuming these.

  • Elda - Dec 26th 2019

    Bless this product!

    Just one thing, they work!!! It took a couple of seasons maybe because I'm on the darker side of complexion and it takes longer on us darker ppl, but yes.They freaking work.. I don't think I'll ever stop taking these supplements.

  • Letha - Dec 26th 2019

    Good product!

    I bought this product for my wife and it really worked! Her skin is more soft and vibrant. It also makes her sleep very good and the difficulty she had with sleep disappeared now. Very good product!

  • Neru - Dec 26th 2019

    Bring changes to your skin.

    These pill works well for me as it’s fixed the inner issue. I take it early morning before breakfast and “ it really cleans your stomach” , I have received many complements that my skin looks pure and bright, my sister said that I look beautiful but she couldn’t figure out the change. Absolutely fantastic product!

  • Sheba - Dec 26th 2019

    For better skin and health.

    Now, I would say, this supplement may or may not make your skin lighter in tone. But it did brighten my skin, even my skin tone, and made my skin feel and look healthy and nourished.

  • Milan - Dec 26th 2019

    Worth the price.

    I used the product for 3 weeks with great results, I did notice that the product made me brighter and fairer. So I am going to continue taking this product. I feel like this product is worth the money and does provide skin benefits.

  • Pepper - Dec 26th 2019

    Must purchase it!

    I am taking these to reduce the appearance of the scars I had from cystic acne and it’s definitely helping! The scars are fading away gradually. Also, I am taking these with vitamin C, twice daily. I have also noticed great improvement in my energy level since I started taking these.

  • Elinore - Dec 24th 2019

    Level up!

    For unknown reasons, I’ve been having problems my mood for the past few months. I’ve been feeling down in the dumps and had no energy for social interaction. I feel so happy and cheerful again after taking these. Definitely will raise your mood and energy level!

  • Salome - Dec 24th 2019

    Improves skin.

    I purchased these just to help with my skin but they’re really improving my overall health and I can feel it.

  • Natisha - Dec 24th 2019

    Helps with everything.

    I think this is helping with eliminating toxins. My skin seems to be brighter and I didn’t have any breakouts this month. My hair has grown faster than normal this month as well.

  • Kalie - Dec 24th 2019

    All in all great!

    I love it! It made my complexion so much brighter. As for everything else, my digestive system is great and so my bowel movements are normal too.

  • Ada - Dec 24th 2019

    High expectation.

    I have only been taking it for about a week; it really helps with pain and blocks skin from damaging. I look forward to seeing the many positive benefits of this.

  • Doris - Dec 24th 2019


    Good product. My loose skin has been firmed after just first 20 days of taking this capsule together with vitamin C. I also noticed that it gave me more energy & I used to be forgetful, now I’m doing pretty good at memorizing things.

  • Verna - Dec 24th 2019


    These have been very helpful in lowering my blood sugar levels and gaining a healthy glowly skin.

  • Reema - Dec 24th 2019

    A must buy supplement.

    This is probably the best glutathione product I ever purchased. I used to have bumps and acne on my face and body but after a week of taking this supplement, they started to dry and disappear. I will definitely buy this again.

  • Aleena - Dec 23rd 2019

    No other supplement stands a chance.

    I normally buy a very expensive gel and thought that I would try this pill for once. I have tried other pill only to be disappointed each time. I am pleasantly surprised by how much this glutathione supplement is working for me. I will purchase this brand again.

  • Nadia - Dec 23rd 2019

    Great for preventing skin from breaking out.

    It came in good, perfect condition when I received it. Aside from its benefits, I don’t experience breakouteven when I am stressed!

  • Jay - Dec 23rd 2019

    No bad stuff.

    I bought this product to help my skin look a little younger. I have noticed a difference in my skin, but the bigger difference I am seeing is on my health. I'm able to tolerate foods I couldn't before (No gas or bloating) and having regular BMs.

  • Karmen - Dec 23rd 2019

    Making me feel great.

    I have only been taking them for a week. They come highly recommended for health. I feel an overall sense of well being. I don't have any health issues and am taking it as a preventative, but it’s making me feel great.

  • Dawn - Dec 22nd 2019

    Increases your energy levels.

    After taking this I have felt more energized and feeling a general better sense of wellness knowing that free-radicals are being removed from my body. I feel like this product has improved my mood as well because of an increase in energy.

  • Deborah - Dec 22nd 2019

    For healthy life.

    This product is amazing! I had severe adrenal fatigue, and this helped me with my energy levels immediately. Does seem to lighten my dark spots but definitely makes me healthier than usual. I take it in the morning and early afternoon and night according to the instruction on the Santeva website.

  • Wannie - Dec 22nd 2019

    Its working for me.

    This stuff works. It is a powerful antioxidant and will clean the toxics away from within you thereby leaving you with healthy body and skin.

  • Amela - Dec 22nd 2019

    Good price for a great product.

    Terrific detoxifying agent! Liver removes toxins easily with its help. Fast, effective, noticed difference in appearance within one week! :D

  • Yurmi - Dec 21st 2019

    Leaves you feeling great the whole day.

    I took this to get lighter skin tone, but not only did my skin got benefited, even my health is feeling great. I haven’t been sick in months and my energy levels stay balanced throughout the whole day.

  • Geema - Dec 21st 2019

    For enhance skin improvement.

    I can say this is most effective glutathione pills. It makes my skin clearer, dark spots are fading, fairer and supple skin and my wrinkles have diminished too.

  • Melania - Dec 21st 2019

    Glad about this one.

    I am so glad for this product. I have been taking this for almost a month and already my skin and health are getting benefited. I am excitedly looking forward to see what happens after more months pass by.

  • Farina - Dec 21st 2019


    I love this product! I took it for two months straight and definitely felt better rested, had more energy throughout the day, and my skin just looked better overall.

  • Faith - Dec 19th 2019

    Supplement that works.

    The occasional hormonal acnes I used to get and be worried about has stopped and have cleared up, even the eye catching dark spots are almost all gone. Really productive product!

  • Kira - Dec 19th 2019

    Worth your time.

    The product has helped clearing my skin and it gives me a glow. It cut down my appetite which I like as it has reduced my excessive eating tendencies, also you will get a better night sleep, at least I have . Its most def worth the try.

  • Elisa - Dec 19th 2019

    Love this glutathione supplement.

    I love this glutathione, it absorbs better, especially if you take it with a vitamin C at the same time or a bit before. It’s been helping me clean and clear my skin. I notice it’s been making my skin alot lighter, which is something I wanted as my face was darker than my body.

  • Sharpe - Dec 19th 2019

    Getting brighter within days.

    I noticed that my complexion seemed brighter within a week, and over the past couple of weeks of using it, I see that it has definitely removed my acne, blackheads etc. Also balanced areas of uneven skin tone from my body and face.

  • Rommy - Dec 18th 2019

    Dream product.

    Most astonishing thing is that it gives really fast outcome. It has lightened my skin in just few days; I had dark spots and acne spots which are almost all gone. This is the product you have been dreaming about.

  • Sayma - Dec 18th 2019

    Suggesting giving it a try.

    Showed effect much much quicker after using it religiously. I had many marks on my face due to pimple, consulted doctor and tried many medicines but didn't work as well as this one did. Now all are asking me how did it happen and I m suggesting this to others too.

  • Umeed - Dec 18th 2019


    Very Good product for skin, it makesmy skin healthy and glossy. The result is very fast, also safe for regular use.

  • Padma - Dec 18th 2019

    Changes the skin in positive way.

    First of all it is a great product as it is actually good for health, started giving results in few weeks.
    I am seeing amazing changes in my skin in less time.

  • Allison - Dec 17th 2019

    Looking better.

    Easy to swallow, very well packaged. No after taste after swallowing or when burping. I only have been taking this for few days so can’t comment on its whitening effect but skin is definitely getting clear, hence looking better.

  • Kesha - Dec 17th 2019

    For better skin.

    These pills actually work. Taking them is making me look more fit and my skin is even looking more youthful! I love it!

  • Lucy - Dec 17th 2019

    Liking it so far.

    The past 4 weeks of taking it has proven its detoxification to me and that is great! The whitening effect is starting to show and I am liking the results so far. Mainly, they had no adverse effects as sometimes supplements can.

  • Billy - Dec 17th 2019

    Take it daily to see results.

    I have been taking this Glutathione supplement for approximately three weeks. I noticed recently how much better I am sleeping at night. I am less agitated and fatigued. And my skin is also starting to clear out bit by bit. I take it with vitamin C every morning.

  • Michelle - Nov 16th 2019

    Satisfying results

    This is a great and natural product that doesn't upset my stomach and easily goes down, and glutathione has great antioxidant properties. My skin is improving quickly and my mood has also improved.

  • Demitri - Nov 16th 2019

    Served me good

    I like this supplement's skin advantages. I took 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening before bed with vitamin C for my personal needs. But I was really amazed because it made my skin glow.

  • Tania - Nov 16th 2019

    Good service

    Quality product. Courier arrangement is prefect. Received the product in time and my skin is getting brighterevery single day :)

  • Amy Cox - Nov 16th 2019

    Happy Happy

    It's been a week since I'm consuming glutathione pills. My skin looks young and my dark acne is becoming brighter. I can't wait until the result is complete. So far, it makes me feel good and rejuvenated.

  • LIna Hendrix - Nov 15th 2019

    Just love it.

    I have been taking this supplement for a few months now and besides my skin is glowing, I feel great! I just love it!

  • Selina - Nov 15th 2019

    Works well for me.

    Not only my skin became lighter but it has gotten a bright glow. I think that this is a very good product. I have purchased it again and I will continue to buy this product.

  • Sadie Delaney - Nov 15th 2019

    safe and comfortable.

    It has no side effects and I also noticed that the dark spots that I had on my face have disappeared. This saves me a lot from wasting money on lighting and whitening creams for sure!

  • Beckett - Nov 15th 2019

    pretty good.

    It's working pretty good. I am almost finished with my second bottle and my skin got a lot brighter and evens out perfectly throughout my whole body.

  • Paisley - Nov 14th 2019

    Fast service and good product.

    Great product will be purchasing more. I received the order fast and I’m loving this product so far.

  • Nevaeh - Nov 14th 2019

    Makes your skin lighter

    Fantastic product! This will detoxify your body, lighten your skin tone and make you feel better.

  • Violet Hale. - Nov 14th 2019

    Will keep using it.

    I have been using this product for 2 months now and I have seen the healthy benefits. I will continue using it for sure!

  • Delilah - Nov 14th 2019

    Product is good.

    Glutathione protects every organ of the body, and if I had to take only one supplement it would be this one from Santeva. Good product for a good price.

  • Pearl - Nov 13th 2019

    Dull to bright

    Good stuff, helping in getting rid of my dull skin tone to a brighter one.

  • Aaliyah - Nov 13th 2019

    Give it a go.

    I have been taking Glutathione for years, and cannot explain the incredible difference it has made with my health. I prefer taking santeva glutathione especially as it has a large dose of glutathione in just one capsule. Will recommend everyone about giving it a try for a month and you will see the difference.

  • Esme - Nov 13th 2019

    Price is right!

    Great product does the job. Price is right for the quality and quantity of the product.

  • Leanna - Nov 13th 2019

    Way to be happy.

    I am happy that I tried it. I love this supplement, definitely going to buy again.

  • Eleanor - Nov 13th 2019

    The bad things faded away quickly and smoothly.

    Glutathione has a lot of health benefits but it’s kind of amazing how it has visibly helped my skin.After a few days of taking this glutathione supplement I actually noticed that the spots of my face have faded, it’s kind of crazy how quickly it worked.

  • Avery - Nov 13th 2019

    No harm in trying it.

    Research shows that glutathione is a great and necessary antioxidant. I take it as directed and according to my weight. I do not experience any stomach issues, allergies, or any discomfort. So far I like it.

  • Bridget Shaw - Nov 13th 2019

    Overall satisfied.

    The service is satisfactory and the supplement is very effective for me. l feel much better when I am on these.

  • Cathy Miller - Nov 13th 2019

    Took a while but worked like a charm!

    It took awhile to see the results but this is real glutathione. I love it.

  • Harlow - Nov 11th 2019

    Works quicker.

    I didn't expect this to work the first time I used it but it did! My skin is now free of acne and has become much lighter. It worked at a faster rate on healing my skin than I got from any other supplements.

  • Avery Harper - Nov 11th 2019

    Easy to take.

    I have a skin condition and this is one of the products I must use to help flush my system. I tried liquid ones and getting shots but that was rather painful which I think I can do without. These capsules go down just fine. I have high hopes for them!

  • Ashley - Nov 11th 2019

    Seeing the change!

    I have only been taking them for the week. I am seeing a change in the tone of my skin and feel an overall sense of well being. I also take it with vitamin C as instructed.

  • Mahedi - Nov 11th 2019

    Like it so far.

    I've been using this product for 3 weeks and I can see the difference on my face, it has got a little lighter and my skin has changed a bit. So far I like the supplement but still waiting to see the changes on the skin of my whole body.

  • Alva - Nov 9th 2019

    Good experience.

    Good experience after having this supplement in about 3 months, it really gives me energy, i feel cleansed from the inside of my body.

  • Nova - Nov 9th 2019

    best in best

    I have tried several different kinds of glutathione capsules but so far this is the best one I had. I can see a glow on my skin and it really detoxifies me.

  • Amina - Nov 9th 2019


    This is a phenomenal product and does what it says. Gives best performance along with Vit C, no allergies and I’m hooked!

  • Adah - Nov 9th 2019


    The product is satisfactory. Delivered on time, great service and well shipped.

  • Lina - Nov 8th 2019

    Can see improvements.

    It arrived on time and though I've only been taking it for 2 weeks, I feel more energetic and it greatly improved the texture of my skin. My facial pores are much finer and I feel better about myself.

  • Sawyer - Nov 8th 2019

    Healthy and better skin

    I take this product twice a day and will continue to do so. It is helping with mild detoxification. My skin is looking healthier and I am feeling better.

  • Miranda Davis - Nov 8th 2019

    It makes a difference!

    Unlike some of the other products I have tried, I’ve actually experienced a difference while taking this Santeva supplement. It took some time, but I can see and feel it working now.

  • Nina - Nov 8th 2019

    Meets the expectation.

    Santeva extreme seems to resonate very well with my body's needs. I am pleased with the value as well as efficacy.As the months have gone by, my complexion has evened out and the skin on the back of my hands seems to have returned to a more youthful state.

  • Lily Anderson - Nov 7th 2019

    Effective and fast.

    The shipping was fast, thank you. This product also is very effective, I only used it for 2 weeks and I look really brighter and blooming.

  • Nandini - Nov 7th 2019

    One of the best

    Glutathione supplements take a long time to show results, but it seems to be better than my other typical glutathione supplement. It is making my skin look better, much healthier too.

  • Tiffany - Nov 7th 2019

    It will work.

    If you remember to take the pills according to the dosage prescribed by the santeva website, then I am sure it will definitely work within few weeks. At least, it did for me.Quite happy with the results.

  • Samantha - Nov 7th 2019

    Quicker results.

    I bought these primarily for skin rejuvenation but yes, for all the people out there wanting to use these for skin whitening purposes, it works. And, very quickly too.

  • Aria - Nov 3rd 2019


    Glowly bright skin was always a dream of mine and Santeva extreme is helping achieve it quickly and safely.

  • Sophia - Nov 3rd 2019

    Go for it!

    I am someone who gets easily influence and try all sorts of products but Santeva extreme didn't disappoint me. Glad I listened to my intuition and gave it a go.

  • Ashley - Oct 25th 2019

    Santeva extreme supplements.

    My uneven skin tone always made me feel self-conscious, I tried many products but the results were not satisfactory. I didn't have high hopes for Santeva extreme either, but it did work and now I don't have to wear full-sleeved shirts to hide my skin. My confidence is improved, thanks to Santeva. 

  • Beth - Oct 25th 2019

    It actually removed my stretch marks!

    My belly had so much scars but they are barely visible now. I plan on using it longer.

  • karen greenidge - Oct 5th 2019

    santeva extreme glutathoine

    I have been taking these for a week now and I must say my skin is smoother and together with the lotion its amazing my skin is soft. I don't expect the marks to disappear overnight but it has gotten lighter. I will update in a month

  • Robina moosa - Sep 28th 2019

    Hi lightening yet

    I have been taking high dose of the gluthathione extreme pills 3500mg three times daily for over a month and I haven’t seen any lightening apart from smooth skin on my body . My face has been breaking out not sure if it’s meant to work that way. I take the pills together with their vitamin c 3000mg three times daily. Perhaps it’s still early days as I have been reading that some people start to see the lightening effect after about 4-6 months so will update end of December 2019 and see if there is significant changes

  • Birla - Sep 14th 2019

    Quiker than I thought

    Well, I've been taking this supplements for almost 20days and it didn't disappoint me at all. It says skin lightening is the only side effects of glutathione. That's so true and this santeva extreme gluta is soo extreme. I love how quick it brightened the skin tone and evened out the discoloration!!

  • Poppy - Sep 12th 2019

    Real quick!

    By walking, drinking water and eating a little healthier, I detoxed my body first because it says glutathione works when your lever is purified..I've noticed that my skin appears fairer and my acne scars are almost gone. My skin is acne prone but I haven't had any acne or pimple since I started taking this. So happy that I tried hard and got to see the result so quick!

  • Brianna - Sep 10th 2019

    Unexpected result

    So far I’m really liking what I see. I’ve been taking the supplement for about 15days and my skin is a shade or two lighter. My face looks healthy and bright, and I haven’t experienced any breakouts.I just love this fairness, I wasn’t really expecting this to work so fast..

  • Daniel - Sep 7th 2019

    Result within 2 weeks only

    It is advertised that this supplement is for faster result. Well I am taking this for 2weeks only and my neck with full of spots is vanished, I didn't know that my neck can be so pretty!!!

  • Emilia - Sep 4th 2019

    Helps from inside

    I didn't know that we can improve our skin from inside our body. I tried many products like scrub, brightening cream but none can be compared to this supplement. It exceeds all in its own way. My fine lines, blemishes, dark spots are gone within a month. But I truly become happy when I see my skin tone is so brighter and glowy than before. (PS I take it with vitamin c)

  • Ama - May 14th 2019

    only a little brighter

    I wanted to go a few shades lighter but ive only gotten a little brighter. Been using the product for amonth.

  • Pop - Mar 3rd 2019

    So good I purchased another so I don't run out!

    So good I purchased another so I don't run out!

  • Piper - Mar 3rd 2019

    If your darker it takes longer

    It takes longer for darker skin tones. So i started seeing my skin lighten up after about 41/2 months. But it makes sense. its natural.

  • Jana - Jan 31st 2019

    its a great supplement

    This is a great supplement and i'm glad i bought it. I was leery at first because I saw a few people saying that this supplement darkens the skin. But I'm glad I ignored that and gave it a try. This supplements doesn't darken my skin, my skin is so much lighter. I truly believe anyone that is saying that Is not using this supplement properly . and does not take it with vitamin c or something. Or maybe their purging. I don't know. But it works great for me ... and I love it! Saw an amazing difference within a month of using. it.

  • Veronica - Jan 18th 2019

    Best Glutathione product hands down

    This is the best glutathione .

  • Marcia carter - Dec 27th 2018

    santeva glow

    I need the next bottle of santvea Glow

  • Tasha - Dec 4th 2018

    Takes time

    After about 3 months of use i didn't see much of any results. it cleared up some acne tho. But i wanted more of skin lightening. But i realized this product takes time, works a little different for everyone i suppose. Which i wanted more of faster results. So anyway I used it for another 3 months , so 6 months total then i started to see more progress. So i will continue to use the products my skin has gotten much lighter then it used to be.

  • jessy - Nov 30th 2018

    i am glowing

    I am almost done with my first bottle and OMG! I am definitely glowing> love the pills, I will take them forever

  • Sarah - Nov 28th 2018

    Been using for 10 days now

    It shipped so fast and in a very confidential manner that showed alot of respect from the company to the customer. I have seen my skin kind off smooth a little and still waiting for my big results. Am hopeful since i tried so many products before. I really want it to work. So my fingers are crossed

  • Rhonda D. - Oct 16th 2018


    I really honestly love these pills. Ive used them for 5 months now i won't use anything else because i'm basically addicted to these. haha. but they are so good

  • Queen - Sep 3rd 2018

    Already seeing results

    I have been using Santeva glow extreme for 2 weeks now and I have noticed i have smoother complexion, no lightening yet but I am confident it will be soon.

  • Sandaya - Jun 13th 2018

    Does exactly what it says it will do!

    This product really does lighten the skin. It’s a natural glow.

  • Fardosa - May 26th 2018

    I started using about 3 weeks ago

    I’m in love with this pills takes little bit longer to eat results, and I had little bit rush on my face but I realise I have to be consistent and now I’m see the rushing going and my skin is getting lighter my colour is dark and now I can see between my fingers and under armpits are getting lighter
    I was thinking them areas will take the longest to get lighter but I’m Supriced, I will write another review and I will update you if I still love it or not

  • Danielle - May 23rd 2018

    Was skeptical but now I’m not!

    I really truly love this product I was skeptical at first . It takes a while for darker skin tones as my self. But it started taking great effect after about 2 months. Hands down the best Glutathione product ... I used IV for 6 months didnt see any change at all. I used this for 2 and I’m seeing an awesome change !

  • Chinelo Eze - May 10th 2018

    This product works

    I used this product for 3 months and my skin was visibly glowing.

  • Jennifer okundaye - May 5th 2018

    Santeva glow Extreme works wonders. have been using it for a month now and am looking 10 years younger, my skin is fairer and softer. I just love this product and i have introduced it to few of my friends

    Its a great product and i have introduced it to most of my friends and family

  • Christine Ogutu - Apr 24th 2018

    Sent Eva extreme glow

    This pills do work magic !

  • Anna - Apr 10th 2018

    This product is good

    Have been looking all over for a glutathione product that works! now i finally found one. I had really bad dark circles under my eyes and they are now diminishing thanks to this product. and my sun tan is going away. its only been about a month of using this. its a good product.

  • Larissa - Apr 10th 2018

    Best Glutathione Supplement

    I love this supplement so much. I've used it for 3 months. My acne is gone. My stretchmarks have diminished & my skin has really lightened up. I love love love these pills




Some may see first noticeable results after 2 weeks. For max results use for 90 days.The most potent Glutathione formula! 1500mg of L Glutathione 60 Gel Capsules.This formula will give you brighter skin, remove stretchmarks and wrinkles and diminish pimples and blemishes! For quicker results use Santeva Glow Extreme! Be overwhelmed with compliments and attention as your skin evolves to flawless, glowing and strikingly fairer with Santeva Extreme Glutathione skin lightening pills.  An all-in-one skin lightening supplement that gives skin a fairer complexion, reverses aging process, renewal of the skin cells and detoxifies the entire body.  Enhanced with the latest and most expensive ingredients in skin lightening and anti-aging, it provides you with improved and unparalleled skin lightening , anti-aging and health benefits this skin lightening  supplement is 3x more effective and delivers optimal skin-lightening results as it actively hampers melanin production and stimulates cell renewal for revitalized, glowing skin.  Experience complete pampering in just one skin lightening supplement, the Santeva Extreme Glutathione  Skin Lightening Pills!  See the difference in as fast as 14 days, results may vary. Its triple skin lightening action actively controls melanin production to prevent skin darkening while lightening your current complexion.  Together with its powerful anti-aging ingredients, say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines and hello to a youthful glow!  Reveal your inner beauty as it removes harmful toxins inside the body to make you healthier and more active. Santeva Extreme skin lightening pill actively helps reduce wrinkles and fine line formation by enhancing skin elasticity and moisture content.  Get a noticeably bright skin and bloom into a radiant, flawless you with the complete effective skin lightening  formula! Reveal your inner beauty that reflects a glowing, youthful skin and an active lifestyle with the Santeva Extreme skin lightening capsules and anti-aging supplement pills!  Enriched with the combination of the lastest, most powerful and safe skin whitening agents, which no other skin lightening supplement pills can imitate, giving you a complete skin lightening formula.  Santeva Glow Extreme Glutathione Skin Whitening Pill actively removes wrinkles and fine lines.  It whitens and smoothens the skin from the inside out without making the skin dull.  Reverses aging process.  Makes the skin silky soft.  Clears pimples, freckles, acne, acne marks, scars, dark spots and stretch marks.  More than just great skin, it also helps strengthen the immune system.  Removes toxins from the liver and boosts sexual potency & protects the body from the free radical damage. 


Take 3 Santeva Extreme plus 3 Santeva Vitamin C Spread out in even dosages throughout the day 30 mins before a meal. That means, 1 Santeva Glow plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the morning, 1 Santeva Extreme plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the afternoon and 1 Santeva Extreme plus 1 Vitamin C at night.


L-Glutathione 1500mg, Alpha lipoic acid 300mg, Vitamin C 200mg, Collagen 100mg 

Capsules shell ingredients:

vegetal and gelatin


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