Santeva Extreme Glutathione (1500 mg)

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  • Santeva Extreme Glutathione (1500 mg)
  • Santeva Extreme Glutathione (1500 mg)
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317 Reviews




Some may see first noticeable results after 2 weeks. For max results use for 90 days.The most potent Glutathione formula! 1500mg of L Glutathione 60 Gel Capsules.This formula will give you brighter skin, remove stretchmarks and wrinkles and diminish pimples and blemishes! For quicker results use Santeva Glow Extreme! Be overwhelmed with compliments and attention as your skin evolves to flawless, glowing and strikingly fairer with Santeva Extreme Glutathione skin lightening pills.  An all-in-one skin lightening supplement that gives skin a fairer complexion, reverses aging process, renewal of the skin cells and detoxifies the entire body.  Enhanced with the latest and most expensive ingredients in skin lightening and anti-aging, it provides you with improved and unparalleled skin lightening , anti-aging and health benefits this skin lightening  supplement is 3x more effective and delivers optimal skin-lightening results as it actively hampers melanin production and stimulates cell renewal for revitalized, glowing skin.  Experience complete pampering in just one skin lightening supplement, the Santeva Extreme Glutathione  Skin Lightening Pills!  See the difference in as fast as 14 days, results may vary. Its triple skin lightening action actively controls melanin production to prevent skin darkening while lightening your current complexion.  Together with its powerful anti-aging ingredients, say goodbye to wrinkles and fine lines and hello to a youthful glow!  Reveal your inner beauty as it removes harmful toxins inside the body to make you healthier and more active. Santeva Extreme skin lightening pill actively helps reduce wrinkles and fine line formation by enhancing skin elasticity and moisture content.  Get a noticeably bright skin and bloom into a radiant, flawless you with the complete effective skin lightening  formula! Reveal your inner beauty that reflects a glowing, youthful skin and an active lifestyle with the Santeva Extreme skin lightening capsules and anti-aging supplement pills!  Enriched with the combination of the lastest, most powerful and safe skin whitening agents, which no other skin lightening supplement pills can imitate, giving you a complete skin lightening formula.  Santeva Glow Extreme Glutathione Skin Whitening Pill actively removes wrinkles and fine lines.  It whitens and smoothens the skin from the inside out without making the skin dull.  Reverses aging process.  Makes the skin silky soft.  Clears pimples, freckles, acne, acne marks, scars, dark spots and stretch marks.  More than just great skin, it also helps strengthen the immune system.  Removes toxins from the liver and boosts sexual potency & protects the body from the free radical damage. 


Take 3 Santeva Extreme plus 3 Santeva Vitamin C Spread out in even dosages throughout the day 30 mins before a meal. That means, 1 Santeva Glow plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the morning, 1 Santeva Extreme plus 1 Santeva Vitamin C in the afternoon and 1 Santeva Extreme plus 1 Vitamin C at night.


L-Glutathione 1500mg, Alpha lipoic acid 300mg, Vitamin C 200mg, Collagen 100mg 

Capsules shell ingredients:

vegetal and gelatin


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