Skincare Tips That Will Transform Your Skin | Santeva Health and Beauty

Skincare Tips That Will Transform Your Skin | Santeva Health and Beauty

Posted by Santeva Health and Beauty on Apr 24th 2020

Do you ever look at your favorite celebrities and secretly wish you had their skin? Well, everyone loves what they see, but are too lazy to invest in themselves. The celebrities you see with clear and healthy skin take care of themselves and take some time out of their day to follow their skincare routine.

Every day a new facial or skincare treatment is in the market, and people go bonkers over it. Little do they know that not every facial or skincare treatment will give them healthy and glowing skin. If you want to have the perfect skin, then you have to follow the perfect skincare routine as well.

Taking care of your skin is not easy and requires a lot of effort. If you are new to a skincare regimen, then it might be particularly difficult for you to choose a product for your skin. If you are looking to transform your skin completely, then here are some tips for you.

Knowing Your Skin

The first-ever thing is to know your skin. Many people repeat the gross mistake of applying dry skin products on oily skin and oily skin products on dry skin. What is not for your skin will never work for you. It is the reason why research is extremely important and witnessing how your skin reacts to a particular product. Before anything, know your skin and try to figure out how it reacts in all seasons. If someone told you that a single product would be enough for all seasons, then this is the biggest lie. Every season requires a different skincare routine, so act accordingly. Do not buy the first product you see on the shelf or try the ones your friends recommend you.

Use a Sunscreen

Although you need Vitamin D, the sun is the worst enemy of your skin. The UV rays from the sun can damage your skin more than any other harmful substance. The fact that you have to face them every day requires you to wear your sunscreen whenever you go out of your house. Make sure the sunscreen is according to your skin and does not give you an oily touch. Make sure to buy a sunscreen that comes with at least SPF 30 that helps in completely blocking out sun rays. Try out Santeva Brightening Sunscreen for excellent results!

Regular Cleansing

You run errands, take care of your kids, go shopping, cook meals, go to work, and whatnot, but how many minutes in a day do you spend on your skincare? A lot of women forget or feel lazy to spend a few minutes on their faces every night and then complain about dark patches, dull skin, uneven tone, etc. in the day. Cleansing is the easiest step if you want a good looking, clean, and healthy skin. Buy a good cleanser according to your skin and spend 5-10 minutes cleansing your skin every night. In a few days, you will start to see a real difference in your skin. It helps in cleaning pores and maintaining complexion.


Not every day, but exfoliation should be done every 2-3 days to make sure your pores are clear of dirt and oil that cause clogging. Pimples are the most common reaction of the skin to show you have clogged pores. Unless you scrub them out, chances are they will keep damaging your skin. A good exfoliator is not too harsh and has excellent ingredients in it. You can try out Santeva Detoxifying Brightening Scrub that is perfect for all skin types. It will leave a huge difference in your skin, so do not forget to try it out!

Skin Moisturizing

A lot of skin problems arise when we start to assume false facts. For instance, it’s summer, and moisturizing skin is not necessary. One thing you need to know is moisturization is for the whole year that keeps your skin hydrated. If you want your skin to look dewy, healthy, and hydrated, then it is time for you to add a good moisturizer in your skincare regimen. You can use the Santeva Luminous Intensive Cream that has niacinamide, alpha arbutin, and other skin essentials in it. You will start to see a visible difference on your face in just a few days.

Avoid Using Harsh Products

In order to maintain baby skin, you must avoid using harsh products on your face. Apart from it, make sure to rub your face gently and stop picking zits at your skin. Harsh products tend to cause breakouts on your skin and destroy the texture of your skin. So, if you are moving to adopt a skincare regimen, then make sure you treat your skin like a baby.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is not only for the body, but it is for the skin as well. If you want to transform your skin, then you need to make life-changing choices. Adopting a healthy and active routine is good for your skin health. The way you want to change, the more you have to sacrifice. Do not wait up, and start exercising today!

Sleep is Necessary

If you want to look beautiful, then you have to follow the steps. Late-night partying, sleeping for a few hours, sleeping with makeup on, and other mistakes can damage your skin completely. If you are wondering why you have dull and damaged skin, then look at your sleep routine for once. Unless you are taking 8 hours of sleep, don't expect to see your skin to nourish. Stop sleeping late and waking up tired – get your sleep!

Stop Stressing Out

Avoid aging when you are young because old age is for that purpose. Stress can start to show up on your face at an early age, and if you do not stop yourself from it, then it can worsen. Be stress-free and allow yourself to relax for some time in the day. You can try doing yoga or meditation to gather your thoughts and put them to better use.

Don’t Skip Water

There is nothing more damaging to your skin after UV exposure than less water intake. A lot of people forget to drink water in their day due to a busy schedule, but little do they know how much it will affect them in the future. Not only your kidneys, but your whole body needs hydration. If you are lazy to use any products on your face, then you can start drinking plenty of water. You might rush to the bathroom again and again, but that’s for your benefit. Beauty comes from within, and unless you are perfect in that area, no product will work on you!

Wash Face with Cold Water

Washing your face with cold water in the morning is a refreshing step, but it also helps in skin tightening. It is life-changing advice that can make you glow the whole day. Once you have tight skin and no wrinkles, your makeup will automatically look amazing on your skin. If you see fine lines and other aging signs on your skin, then this tip will help you in many ways!

Reserve one day for Yourself

If you do not have the whole day to yourself, then at least take out one day when you work on your skin. Taking out a day should be like taking out a holiday from a busy schedule. Do your manicure, pedicure, facial, etc. to look gorgeous. You must do the cleansing, scrubbing, and put a mask on your face for excellent results. If you are looking to try out new masks, then you should get yourself a miracle mud mask by Santeva,which gives instant results. Take care of yourself until you can!

Consult a Dermatologist

Some skin problems cannot be treated at home, which is why you need to seek professional help. If you are using home remedies for cystic acne or other skin problems, then you are making yourself a fool. Sometimes the case can worsen, so it is better to seek professional help then regret later. A home remedy can undo not everything!

Stop Picking the Zit

Yes, stop picking it! You never know what kind of damage you are welcoming when you pick a zit on your face. Often it leads to causing more zits on your face that can seriously damage your skin. An open zit means more bacteria in it that can cause severe pimples or clogged pores as well, so let the zit be on your face unless it starts to fade out itself. Picking is not the instant solution, and it can be more damaging to your skin, so have patience!

Don’t Touch Your Face

How many things do you touch in a single day? Nobody can keep a count of it. Anything you touch has some bacteria, dirt, or other harmful substance on it. When you touch your face continuously with your hands, the bacteria transfer from your hands to your skin, causing pimples, acne, blackheads, and other skin problems. Nobody can completely stop to touch their face, but you can surely limit it. Try washing your hands frequently or keep a sanitizer in your bag for better hygiene. It’s better to take precautions!

Use a Night Cream

The night is the best time for your skin to work on its betterment. If you are in your 20s and go out regularly, then it is highly recommended for you to add a light night cream in your skincare routine. Pollution, UV rays, and other substances on your face can begin damaging it, but a good night cream can help in fighting the aging signs. Do not opt for harsh products or concentrated serums as they can affect your supple skin. Start with light creams and then move to a heavy one until you are of age!

Opt for Whole Foods

Healthy skin is not what it is from the outside, but what it is from the inside. Eating processed food items can affect your skin in so many ways that you cannot even imagine. Not only that, but such products are also harmful to your overall health. People who have any kind of health-related problems, they must avoid eating them at all costs. If you are looking for your skin to glow from inside, then start changing your eating habits and make sure you are opting for the right food items.

Try Facial Oils

It’s the era of serums, and a good one can do wonders on your skin. Everybody is going cahoots over Vitamin C serums and for the right reasons. Vitamin C is excellent for your skin that not only gives you glow but also ensures excellent skin health. If you are new to facial oils, then you can also try rosehip oil or other essential oils on your skin. Make sure to do a patch test before putting it all on your skin.

Try Eye Cream

Tired eyes are the last thing you want on your face, which is why you need an eye cream for bright eyes. Dark circles, puffiness, and many other problems can make you look tired all the time. Keep your skin hydrated and your eyes shining brighter than usual by trying any eye cream that works best for you. Try something that has caffeine in it as they have proven to be effective in treating dark circles and eye puffiness.

Don’t Overdo

Now that everything is mentioned, the last thing for you to know is – Never go crazy over expensive and concentrated skincare products. Using 5-10 products in a day on your skin is not the goal, but using one product that is best for you is enough for your skin. Don’t invest in everything and try to use products one by one to see if they are showing any difference in your skin. Once you are done with it, then move to a new one. Have patience and give yourself a break when the effects are not instant!