20 Surprising Things That Ruin Your Skin | Santeva Health and Beauty

20 Surprising Things That Ruin Your Skin | Santeva Health and Beauty

Posted by Santeva Health and Beauty on Feb 20th 2020

Do you look in the mirror and plan on never leaving your room? Because the same! It never gets easy to watch your skin getting dull day by day, but it’s just too painful.

Having a spot-free and perfect skin is the dream of every girl, but we often fail to get it. Most of us look after our skin like a baby, but some of us are lazy enough to avoid this task completely.

Although it is hard to do all self-caring at times, especially when you had a long day at work, we can definitely skip doing some things that might be damaging our skin, but not anymore. We have actually made it pretty simple for you.

In this article, you will get to know about the top 20 things that surprisingly ruin your skin without giving you any warning.


Caffeine can seriously dry out your skin, which is why you need to put a soft hand on it. In case you are a regular drinker, then all you have to do is change your drink.

Replace your caffeine drinks with lots of water and see how your skin starts to glow in no time. Caffeine might not be the reason behind your acne, but it can lead to much worse skin problems.

2.Old Sheets

Are you using a week old sheets on your bed? The night is the only time when your skin gets the rest, and it starts to shed the dead cells. If you keep using the same pillowcase for weeks, then expect an accumulation of dead cells on your pillowcase and sheets.

Using these sheets can get your skin to catch the toxins and bacteria, so if you want your skin to glow naturally and be free of bacteria, it is high time for you to change your sheets.

3.Hot showers

There is no doubt in how much a hot steamy shower can relax you, but it’s good if you take only once in a while. Hot showers for long hours can take away your skin’s moisture, which is not what you might want for your skin in the first place.

Stripping out the moisture means dry and itchy skin that can lead to worse skin problems such as psoriasis, eczema, etc. Well, cold showers are not that bad, right?

If you cannot simply give up on hot relaxing showers, then you should at least use the right products. Try out the Santeva Health & beauty Bee Honey and Kojic Acid soap, which is definitely a treat for your body. It will hydrate your dry skin and will keep it moist even after a hot shower.

4.Drinking less water

It can’t be emphasized enough of how important it is to drink an adequate amount of water everyday!!!

Not taking enough water? Expect your skin to dehydrate, which is the first impediment for getting clear skin. So, if your skin is flaky and not glowing at all – try to drink at least 8-10 glasses of water to see a clear difference.

5.Sleeping with Make-up on

We can understand how tiring some days can be, but still, it does not mean that you can sleep with your makeup on. Sleeping while wearing makeup can build up bacteria on your skin leading to severe bacterial infections and clogged pores.

If you are too lazy to remove makeup, then buy makeup wipes for yourself that can save you a lot of time. You will thank yourself later!

6.Popping pimples

As much as we all hate pimples, popping them is not the right way to get rid of them. Never pick at your skin if you want to avoid seeing a patch of pimples on your skin. An open-pore can only increase the chances of catching dirt and bacteria into them. So, next time when you see a pimple on your skin, try to tolerate it for a while!

7.Too much Phone Use

Our phone is out all day, catching all the dirt from around and what not. If you are too much on the call, then there is a high chance that you can get rashes and breakouts along your chin and cheeks.

Not preferable, right?

Why not try keeping your phone clean by cleaning it with wipes? Better idea!

8.Taking too much Sodium

Again, taking too much sodium can dehydrate your skin, not to mention the bloating. It’s always better to take the precaution before something bad officially takes place. Avoid taking food that has a huge content of sodium in it to avoid your skin from getting flaky and dry skin.

9.Touching face too much

Just because you cannot see the bacteria does not mean that it’s not there. Your hands are the hub of bacteria that can transfer to your skin through your fingertips and palms, which is why you should immediately stop touching your face. Also, it is gross!


Nobody likes their skin to look too dry and rough, which is why you must stop waxing your face very often. Your skin needs to regenerate itself after waxing, so always wait for about 3-4 weeks before getting another waxing session.

Also, always moisturize your skin after waxing as it can leave your skin dry.

11.Using old makeup brushes

Your makeup session is incomplete without using a proper set of brushes, but you need to make sure if they are clean. If you are using the same makeup brushes again and again, then there is a chance of bacteria build-up on them along with clogging your pores, causing skin irritation, acne, and much more.

Make sure to clean your brushes with warm water. Self-care starts from cleanliness, so never compromise on it!

12.Not Knowing Your Skin Type

We see a product on the internet with a good review and the next thing we find ourselves purchasing it. The person needs to know that not every product is for their skin type. Some people have dry skin, whereas some have oily skin. If you want to look flawless, then you need to start knowing your skin first.

See what negatively affects your skin and what products bring a glow on it. You can also go to a dermatologist who can accurately tell about your skin type. Once you know everything about it, then start applying products that work well on your skin.

13.Over exfoliation

Anything overdone is never beneficial, so you need to make sure that you are not doing anything excessively on your skin. Your skin comes with natural oils in it that allow the skin to stay hydrated, so if you are a fan of exfoliation, then it might cost you the natural glow of your skin.

Yes, too much exfoliation can damage your skin and can strip away the essential oils from it. Once they are gone, your skin can become dull, flaky, and dry. If you want to avoid this, make sure that you do not exfoliate your skin more than once a week.

Sometimes it’s not about how many times you use an exfoliator on your skin, but how harsh it is! Try out the Santeva Detoxifying Brightening Scrub that will leave your skin refreshed and free of all the dirt. It smells great and is not too harsh, which is why using it thrice a week won’t cause your skin to create any problem.

14.Not washing face after removing makeup

Removing makeup has never been easier before the discovery of makeup wipes. All our day is passed with makeup on our skin and don't forget the dirt that is clogged in our pores. After a long day, it is really tiring to remove makeup and do the skincare that your skin might need to breathe, which is why we often remove makeup with wipes and neglect washing our face.

If you are following this regime and complaining that your skin is acting weird, then you are not in the right condition. You must remove all the dirt, pollution, and oil buildup from your skin by washing your face regularly after wiping out your skin off makeup. Make sure to moisturize it!


Smoking is neither good for your lungs nor your skin. Nicotine reduces the blood flow, which leads to less blood on your skin as well. It’s just not it!

As we all know, smoking contains other harmful elements such as carbon monoxide that displaces the oxygen in the skin. If you are a chain smoker, then you will definitely find your skin to be discolored and dry, which is a result of these harmful elements in it. Apart from it, it also takes away the nutrients in your body, such as Vitamin C. So, if you want to improve your skin, then you better start working on getting rid of the smoking habit.

16.Lack of Sleep

How many of you have faced sleeplessness and waking up with dark circles under your eye? Well, the effects of sleep deprivation are quite instant and will want you to keep checking yourself every hour in the day to make sure they are not prominent enough for everyone to see.

Lack of sleep can seriously damage the collagen growth and can dehydrate your skin. Not to mention the ugly, dull skin that you will get due to it!

Sleep deprivation can also be a reason behind acne on your skin and eczema as well, so never compromise on your beauty, sleep to let your skin glow all day.

17.Not eating properly

If you are not aware of it, let’s make it loud and clear. Skipping meals is not the answer to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and definitely not the best way to lose weight.

Some people actually believe that skipping their meals can actually benefit them. Well, some people are too tired to eat after a long day at work, but that’s never an excuse.

Your body needs all the nutrients to work properly and to make you glow from inside. If you do not take your diet seriously, then I highly doubt that your skin will take you seriously.

Skipping meals can fasten the process of aging and can leave your skin dry out pretty quickly. If you are planning on getting healthy and glowing skin, then skipping meals should be last on your list.

18.Hair Products

How many of you use hair spray or other hair products daily? We often forget to take precautions before we even start to put the hair spray on our hair. Just because it is made for hair does not mean it will not affect your skin.

Hair products are one reason behind your clogged and dry skin. If you use hair products too much, then you must take too much precaution to cover it.

You can easily do it by just putting a clean towel on your face while putting the hair spray or just put your hand on your face while doing it.

Apart from it, if you go to the gym too, then you should use a headband so that no hair product drips onto your skin.

19.Taking medications

Sometimes we do not realize it, but medications can actually affect our skin as a side-effect. Many medications, including antidepressants, SSRIs, and others, can cause a skin reaction that can lead to pimples, acne, dryness, and rashes. Well, in worst cases, bruises as well.

If you are on medication for a long time and have been witnessing some frequent changes on your skin, then you may like to consult with your doctor to find a cure for it.

20.Wearing Sunglasses

Never compromise on style, they say. But have they realized what it costs to look stylish?

Sunglasses are just another accessory that we all wear daily, but have you ever given it a thought that that pimple on your skin might be a result of dirty sunglasses you wore?

Just like anything, sunglasses can also get bacteria, which might lead you to have acne or other skin problems. Always wipe your sunglasses before wearing them to make sure there is no dirt on them.

Take care of yourself, because nobody else will!

Ending it on a lighter note…

We all deserve to look good, but unless you take self-care seriously, there’s no chance that you will get a good result out of it. As mentioned before, avoid the extra work and follow these simple tips to glow without spending time scrubbing your skin in front of the mirror.

It does not matter if you do not have the time to visit the parlor or whatsoever, decide and start your journey to look better than ever before!