Santeva Liposomal Vitamin C Gluta Booster (Soft Gels)

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  • Santeva  Liposomal Vitamin C Gluta Booster (Soft Gels)
  • Santeva  Liposomal Vitamin C Gluta Booster (Soft Gels)
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150 Reviews

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  • Sindy - Feb 17th 2020

    Savvy product.

    Genuine product. ...and I feel surprisingly energetic ever throughout the day when I take these. There has been no acne or pimples problem after taking these for few months.

  • Oni - Feb 17th 2020

    Beyond hope.

    Due to lack of Vit C my skin was becoming acne prone and dull. I got advised to take Vitamin C by my physician and since I was already using other santeva products decided to try out their Vit C with rose hips and I am glad to say it’s has been a great experience. Skin has improved more that I hope for.

150 Reviews

  • Sindy - Feb 17th 2020

    Savvy product.

    Genuine product. ...and I feel surprisingly energetic ever throughout the day when I take these. There has been no acne or pimples problem after taking these for few months.

  • Oni - Feb 17th 2020

    Beyond hope.

    Due to lack of Vit C my skin was becoming acne prone and dull. I got advised to take Vitamin C by my physician and since I was already using other santeva products decided to try out their Vit C with rose hips and I am glad to say it’s has been a great experience. Skin has improved more that I hope for.

  • Kavita - Feb 17th 2020

    Keeping it healthy.

    It’s keeping my skin healthy and glowing. Removed dark circles,acne,the wrinkles etc.

  • Archie - Feb 17th 2020

    Good source of Vit C.

    So happy with it. It's the perfect product for skin and hair as well. Plenty dosage of Vitamin C in one capsule.

  • Silvia - Feb 17th 2020

    Good supplement for glowy skin.

    I specifically bought this for my hair and skin. Vitamin C is best for skin it will help for glowing skin.

  • Taila - Feb 17th 2020

    Best way to get Vit C out there.

    The product worked well for me and helped me a lot. Have already recommended it to a few friends who desperately need it.

  • Deena - Feb 17th 2020


    It’s very good in today's busy life
    Helps in controlling hair fall and skin also looks fresh.

  • Noémi - Feb 17th 2020

    Natural and genuine.

    It's 100 % Natural and It's taste is flavorless. No side effects, It’s value for products.

  • Josephine - Feb 16th 2020

    Full of jest.

    The capsules are effective helps me with my hairfall and nail breaking issues. Happy with my purchase!

  • Sabina - Feb 16th 2020


    It is very useful for skin and hair. Personally used and seen the result. Really awesome.

  • Barbara - Feb 16th 2020

    Brings about great benefits.

    I have started noticing difference in a week. It's very good in today's busy life
    Helps in controlling hair fall and skin also looks fresh.

  • Opal - Feb 16th 2020

    Wonders in a bottle.

    Fully natural & pure
    I am using this product from past month
    And i can say now its one of the best Vit C out there.
    Easy to digest
    Fully reliable!

  • ‎A'ishah - Feb 14th 2020

    Feels great.

    it is a very good supplement that supports my skin joints and bones.
    After taking this I feel energetic and relieved

  • Moura - Feb 14th 2020

    Good brand and product.

    I really got benefited from this product; it's got the perfect dose of Vit C capsules which is giving me a healthy hair, skin and nail and energy metabolism. Santeva is such a good brand.

  • Reeta - Feb 14th 2020

    Reduces your problems.

    i was very much tired of my hair fall but after taking one capsule daily hair fall reduced and grow of new hairs come and all day I feel very energetic after taking these.

  • Kaiser - Feb 14th 2020

    Full of nutrients value.

    I consume one table of it daily and I am getting Great results. It keeps me active and gives strength to my nails, hair and eyes.

  • Rudy - Feb 14th 2020


    It does exactly what it says. Will definitely repurchase. No side effects so far.

  • Ivian - Feb 14th 2020

    Looks to be working.

    I have been taking this supplement for a couple of months. I have not been sick so maybe they are working.

  • Athena - Feb 14th 2020

    For better immune.

    It's a good product for making your skin tone even and brighter and makes your immune system strong.

  • Olio - Feb 14th 2020

    Simply great.

    I am amazed. These are super effective. I can see many improvements in my overall health. It’s just great.

  • Feorie - Feb 12th 2020

    Safe and healthy.

    A good source of Vitamin C and with Rose Hips added to aid in absorption. As far as size goes I can easily gulp up the capsules. I love that way I get no gastric distress as the contents in the capsules try to dissolve in my stomach.

  • Luwam Zula - Feb 12th 2020

    Want to keep taking it.

    Taking two capsules a day helped a LOT! My friends also noticed that my skin was getting lighter and my face was glowing even without makeup. Unfortunately I had to stop for a while as it’s expensive.

  • Victoria Raffe - Feb 12th 2020

    Recommending it.

    Highly recommend, especially for students and others with long working hours requiring concentration and focus.

  • Letícia - Feb 11th 2020

    Not bad in any way.

    Very good for skin.... best in price range....flavour is not bad... presentation is excellent... total value for money.

  • Zabrina. - Feb 11th 2020


    Not bad considering its price. Does what a vit c supplement should do aka. Provide Vitamin C for the body.

  • Lopa - Feb 11th 2020

    Impress with the quality.

    I like these products as it contains the all essential ingredients like rose hips, helps increase skin quality and also tone.

  • Ocean - Feb 11th 2020

    Take it with ease.

    This product is same as my doctor had suggested for hair growth and for great source of antioxidants. Capsules are not bad by test and easy to take with water or other liquid.

  • Kaitlyn Moran - Feb 11th 2020

    Keep up with the great products.

    These capsules give a great treatment to our pimples and dark spots. I'm feeling the change in my face glow and will continue using these whenever I want to.

  • Laura Pejić - Feb 11th 2020

    Seeing the change.

    The product is very good. I have been using it for 3 weeks. 2 per day, I take 1 in the morning and another at night, I have not shown any side effects. And my skin quality is now starting to change, I’m impressed!!

  • Martins Souza - Feb 11th 2020

    Fitter health.

    Based on a recommendation from a friend I started taking this product about four years ago and have not had a single cold or viral infection since.

  • Oliveira - Feb 11th 2020

    All smiles

    It vitalizes the health and boosts up the immune power.
    I can see the difference already with other products. Amazing.

  • Cailey Hale - Feb 9th 2020

    Thanks for this product!

    I ordered this as a supplement with my glutathione capsules. They worked together perfectly. This will be my Vitamin C supplement from this day on.

  • Mahima - Feb 9th 2020

    Will reduce your problems.

    In addition to using this product I use it in conjunction with glutathione pills. Best combination ever. Definitely help my acne scarring reduce in 2 weeks.

  • Christiana - Feb 9th 2020

    Definitely will order more.

    It works. It helps with my sneezing, sleep and brightens my skin. I take it with glutathione.Product has no terrible taste and is presented well and satisfied with the cost

  • Eve McCawley - Feb 9th 2020

    Best by all terms.

    Have tried multiple vitamin c supplements but found this one of the best in terms of quality and Price.

  • Biljana - Feb 8th 2020

    Try it, Go ahead!!!

    It is absolutely lovely product and it’s really effective. I tried same sort of products from the other brand but wasn’t really happy but this is something I am very satisfied with.

  • Barbara - Feb 8th 2020


    I take them daily, one tablet every night after meal. I don't know what the connection between them and acne is. But I have stopped breaking out ever since I have started to use them!!!

  • Tatjana Kovačić - Feb 8th 2020

    It’s a must buy!

    i like the product and after usage i can say that i am satisfied with the results!!! I liked them so much, I bought for my whole family, especially my elders. It’s important to take vit C in the older age for precaution.

  • Anka - Feb 8th 2020

    For improvement.

    The better usage is when we take it on regular basis , the results are postive as I had expected . The skin’s health and hair growth have improved as promised.

  • Oda Perry - Feb 7th 2020

    Sure shot.

    Only Vit C that I feel works, I buy for the whole family. If you take vitamin c, choose this one.

  • Karla Kos - Feb 7th 2020

    Good Vitamin C.

    This product works like every other vitamin except it has a boost that is perceivable.I have a hard time finding Vitamin C that doesn't give me a weird reaction like lots of other Vit C. So, glad that I found these ones.

  • Juana - Feb 7th 2020

    Mind-blowing purchase

    Have been getting this for long time now. I think it absorbs well and works better than other brands I've tried.

  • Slava Horvat - Feb 7th 2020

    Best in the market!

    If you are looking for a high quality ascorbic acid vitamin C, this is one of the best available. I've used this product for 6 months and am completely satisfied.

  • Moni - Feb 6th 2020

    Safe for the stomach

    This product is by far the best. Very gentle on the stomach and as a capsule you get fast dissolution and absorption. Smooth and easy to swallow, and the ingredients have everything you need in a product like this.

  • Manvi - Feb 6th 2020

    To prevent sickness.

    I also take a little extra Vitamin C during the colder, winter months and this is an excellent product. Even my husband takes it. We'll always keep a bottle around for those times when we need a boost of Vitamin C.

  • Nabilla - Feb 6th 2020

    All smiles for now.

    Love these, they do NOT aggravate the stomach like some other forms of vitamin C. I will always use them from now on :-)

  • Kobita - Feb 6th 2020

    Santeva is secret to my energy.

    I have been taking these pills (2 per day) for over six months now. Went thru a tough winter with a lot of sick people around me and for the first time in many years I did not get sick all winter.
    Also it gives me a bit of an energy booster in working out ;)

  • Kevin - Feb 4th 2020


    Got these for my wife as she has hard time swallowing a lot of pills that are too big.
    These are compact capsules that she is having no issues with swallowing!

  • Neelam - Feb 4th 2020

    Works well.

    I have taken a Vitamin C supplement for years and these are by far the easiest to take. The Vit C is in the form of a small lightweight capsule and is so easy to swallow. No more massive bad tasting tablets for me!

  • Bradyn - Feb 4th 2020

    Very good product for the price

    The capsules are somewhat small, easy to take and didn't cause bad reflux or other stomach issues.I find it helps my skin, hair and nails grown and stay in good shape.

  • Chaerin - Feb 4th 2020

    Easy to take.

    There's nothing fancy about vitamin C, but the santeva ones are nice option. I use it as a seasonal immunity boost during fall / winter, I generally have a healthy diet and lifestyle so I don't necessarily need extra vitamin supplements but during season change it’s best to be extra safe.

  • Khavita - Feb 2nd 2020

    Decent ones!

    Since it is now flu season, I like to start boosting my immune system. I use vitamin C daily as one of the boosting regimens. This is a decent Vitamin C.

  • Davina - Feb 2nd 2020

    Taking it for a while.

    My go to vitamin C product. Helps me stay well during the times when everyone else is sick. Been taking it for such a long time.

  • Claire - Feb 2nd 2020

    As I hoped for.

    I researched for a long time the best vitamins to take for the target of my goals. These were ranked in the top ten of best vitamins for 2019. I was impressed, too. The potency is exactly as advertised. Easy to swallow, no after taste and a great value for the money!

  • Willow - Feb 2nd 2020

    Great price on an excellent product.

    These Vit. C capsules seem to work very well. I was worried about stomach issues. So far I've had no side effects or issues with these. I highly recommend these.

  • Jisoo - Feb 1st 2020

    Overall great!

    very fast shipping! So far this has worked really well for me and my family.I have tried various products before but till now I was not seeing any difference. After using this product I am fully satisfied with this.

  • Giovana - Feb 1st 2020


    Really no flavor to write about. They are coated so fairly that it makes it easy to swallow. Decent vitamin c, nothing over the top but nothing harmful either.

  • Yannie - Feb 1st 2020

    Worth every cent.

    These are a super value for the money and I still cant believe how low the price is!
    Defiantly worth every penny.

  • Debora - Feb 1st 2020

    No bad effects.

    I trust this brand, and that is about the best I can do. It's a basic vitamin that I take daily, and it seems just fine. There are no weird fillers, and no digestive side effects.

  • Noor-aisha - Jan 31st 2020

    Preferable than others.

    After reading up on reviews for the best vitamin C to take, I came across this brand. I can't tell you for sure if these are really any better for us, but my husband and I both love these capsule vitamin C's better than any other tablets we have been taking.

  • Nahid - Jan 31st 2020

    Working well.

    Fabulous product, using it first time made my skin become clearer and healthy. It has improved my skin and keeps me hydrated. It works very well with the great nutrients.

  • Nabila - Jan 31st 2020

    Helps in remaining healthy.

    My go to vitamin C product. It helps me to stay well during the times when infections are roaming around and everybody is falling-sick.

  • Ahana - Jan 31st 2020


    These are not large capsules and are easy to swallow. It’s an excellent product at a great price, at least for me.

  • Meeri - Jan 29th 2020

    For everyday.

    Taking vitamin C by mouth or injecting as a shot prevents and treats vitamin C deficiency, including scurvy. Also, taking vitamin C can reverse problems associated with scurvy. Hence, taking vitamins as a regular supplement is necessary and these are pretty damn great so, if you feel vitamin C deficient…go ahead and take these. It helps your health and looks to become better.

  • Mikaela - Jan 29th 2020

    Would definitely buy again.

    Vitamins are reasonably priced and gets the job done. The capsules are a bit big but I usually take one of these when I'm vulnerable to getting sick-so far, so good!

  • Thea M. - Jan 29th 2020

    Greatness in a bottle.

    Great expiration date. Great pill shape. Doesn't get caught in the throat and affordable. Guess I just really like now products.

  • Genji Pai - Jan 29th 2020

    Solid product!

    First of all, it’s a solid bang for your buck, yet to run out and it has kept me bug free for some time. It sure has helped kicked my cold's butt.

  • Keira - Jan 28th 2020

    Improves your health.

    I have been using this santeva vit C for over 2 months now. It is a very nice supplement and meets all my requirements. I try my best to be regular with this supplement as, according to experts, it improves overall health.

  • Sandhiya - Jan 28th 2020

    Easier to take.

    These are capsules and so much easier to take than tablets with the added benefit of less additives! They are also great value.

  • Bushra - Jan 28th 2020

    For essential vitamin in-take.

    Our Indian diet lacks most of essential vitamins and vitamin c is one of them. After I add it along my supplement stack, I felt fitter. Vitamin c have many good properties, especially its anti oxidant property which helps in weights loss.

  • Marza - Jan 28th 2020

    Nice supplement to take in your older years.

    Got this for my dad as he easily catches cold and viral. This helps keep his immune system strong. It’s working Great for him. He takes generally one capsule a day and feels better than usual nowadays.

  • Jenna - Jan 26th 2020

    No brainer.

    I was advised to drink a cup of orange juice with my prescribed iron supplement in the morning but the juice is caloric and doesn’t really have all that much C in it. I wasn’t seeing too much progress in energy levels improvement until I switched to this vitaminC supplement. I like the santeva brand so buying this was a no brainer.

  • Anniina - Jan 26th 2020

    Definitely will buy again when I run out.

    I’m sure these will do fine. I’m anemic and my doctor put me on iron pills and also vitamin c for better absorption. I got them today and they’re easy to swallow. I love it has rose hips in them because rose hips are just amazing!

  • Mille S. - Jan 26th 2020

    Better immune.

    This is quite cheap for a very excellent product. I have less cold and even my skin looks better. Gives energy and strong immune system.

  • Anne-Lise - Jan 26th 2020

    For good health.

    This product is great for its price; the pills are mostly flavorless and easy to swallow. I experience no nausea and notice no negative effects of taking the vitamins; make me feel healthier throughout the day.

  • Nini - Jan 25th 2020

    Good supplement

    I have been using them from 4 days it’s going really nice, I think I’m feeling some difference. It was a good choice for sure.

  • Sallie - Jan 25th 2020

    A must try

    It actually works well for skin and hair. The price to quality ratio is intact and visible results in my case.

  • Charlotte - Jan 25th 2020

    Helping for sure.

    I and my brother is having this product since 2 months and the product is really good. I have searched for lots of product for vitamin C but this one i found is really helpful. It has shown a very good improvement.

  • Monie - Jan 25th 2020

    For better immune.

    Vitamin C capsule is a great suppliment to increase immunity. I have been using this from few days and I can feel the difference. I am marching towards glowing skin and a healthier body.

  • Lucinda - Jan 25th 2020

    It's a cool value for money

    From few days I was eating lemons to increase vitamin c intake but that wasn’t enough. Then I found this supplements and I gave it a shot. I must say it's truly effective.

  • Matilda - Jan 25th 2020

    Jolly good.

    It is a very good product, as compared to its substitutes in the market; it is cheaper and more beneficial.

  • Layla Hooper - Jan 25th 2020

    Thumbs up!

    I ordered it for my personal use. The supplement is really beneficial to our health. Moreover there are no side effects of these capsules. I will recommend this product to others.

  • Semira Yohannes - Jan 25th 2020


    This is a good product for skin and body’s health, vitamin c is very usefull and these santeva vit C capsules are one of the best.

  • Giovana - Jan 23rd 2020

    Great for me…so far.

    I use this product to clear up spots and pores by increasing my vitamin C level twice a day, firstly when I wake up in the morning and then I take the second one just before I go to bed. It’s going great so far for me.

  • Jacklyn - Jan 23rd 2020

    Can’t say it’s bad.

    I take this as it assists in the absorption and utilization of Glutathione and other nutrients in the body. It seems to be doing a fine job, but as I take many supplements I can’t distinguish its sole effect. But one thing sure is that it has no bad effects on my health, which is why I am continuing to take these.

  • Yuna - Jan 23rd 2020

    Be wise when taking these for beneficial outcome.

    Good if you need it, but don't overdose. This is one of the things I take once a week. Be sure to read the labels and take dosage according to your health and body.

  • Molly - Jan 22nd 2020

    For everyday use.

    Great daily medicine to build up the immune system. I am always getting sick in the fall and winter so taking these daily should help. You can even take them more frequently but once a day seems to help me.

  • Rani - Jan 22nd 2020

    Keeps you healthy.

    It helps support the immune system and helped me not get sick. I'm in college and can't miss many classes from sick days, so this has really helped me stay fit and active throughout the day.

  • Isabel - Jan 22nd 2020

    For betterment.

    I always remember to take vitC in winter. Adding this to the daily regimen has given me major benefits. The size is good, both for dose and for the tablet, which is smooth and easy to swallow.

  • Yolanda - Jan 22nd 2020

    Well rounded supplement.

    This product seems to be of great quality. We really like it. It was delivered late but Priced well.

  • Vivienne - Jan 22nd 2020

    No fuss at all!

    Never a problem with them, Does what it’s supposed to. Cheaper than other expected especially compared to the quality of it. Prompt delivery, good deal!

  • Parnella - Jan 22nd 2020

    No complain.

    Its fine, its generic Vitamin C. But it doesn't upset my stomach so, I take it daily and no complaints against them or the brand.

  • Etoile - Jan 22nd 2020

    Nothing too bad.

    I feel like I am getting my daily dose of Vitamin C with the rose hips at a very good price. They are a little large but I've had no problem swallowing them.

  • Sabina - Jan 22nd 2020

    Love this brand!

    This is the best value for Vitamin C on the market ! So easy to swallow unlike the contemporary pills from other brands.

  • Mannie - Jan 22nd 2020

    Can be taken everyday.

    I have been taking this for a little over a month after gotten advised by doctor to start taking Vitamin C every day. I have nothing bad to say. I guess it works, not sure how you tell lol but will continue with this Vitamin C as there was no bad side effect.

  • Danica Pranjić - Jan 22nd 2020

    More energy.

    Works for me! I feel like I'm wasting less energy on immune responses this season and more energy on things I need to get done.

  • Jasmin - Jan 22nd 2020

    Helps in absorption.

    I haven’t been getting sick since taking this! I take 1 twice a day as you can’t absorb all of it at one time. Great to take with iron and glutathione supplements if you need them to help absorb them better.

  • Liv Carlsen - Jan 22nd 2020

    Price is nice!

    These pills are easy for me to swallow without water. They do not have a funny after taste like many vitamins. They’ve seemed to help me fight the common cold. The price is reasonable.

  • Damini - Nov 16th 2019

    Already reordered it.

    Very good product, will reorder. It does what it’s supposed to do.

  • Piper Lin - Nov 16th 2019

    Getting it again.

    I have been a returning customer. It’s not too expensive and does the job well.

  • Rowena - Nov 16th 2019

    Stock it up!

    I always stock up on "C" both on the shelf and in my system....this is a great product with which to do that. They help immune system work well. Awesome!

  • Carlyn - Nov 16th 2019

    Easy on your stomach.

    As it’s in the form of capsules, it’s easy to take. Also, it gets rids of many health issues and keeps the skin looking young. Worth the price, in my opinion.

  • Navya - Nov 15th 2019

    Positive improvement.

    This is a great way to add to your daily vitamin intake. Easy to love since I don’t have to take a whole handful of supplements. And there’s definitely a positive improvement in my skin and health.

  • Tammy - Nov 15th 2019

    Wise decision on taking it.

    Best investment I have made. Noticed that my hair is really growing and I’ve got a glow to my face according to the people around me.

  • Aditi - Nov 15th 2019

    Shiny and glowly.

    It gives shine and glow to your skin.
    Totally a supplement that aides in getting better skin.

  • Abijah - Nov 15th 2019

    Clears the skin.

    They worked great for clearing up my acne flare up. I have normal to oily skin and when I'm stressed I experience break outs. I experienced a very bad break out recently and began taking these and my skin significantly cleared up within weeks. I primarily use these supplements just for this reason and I highly recommend it.

  • Piper - Nov 14th 2019


    Its fine, it's generic Vitamin C. It doesn't upset my stomach. Also, I always get it delivered on time so that’s a plus. It suits me.

  • Kaylee Landers - Nov 14th 2019

    Take it regularly.

    I take this vitamin C regularly and am satisfied with the results. I would buy it again and would recommend it to other buyers too.

  • Charlotte - Nov 14th 2019

    Just enough.

    I like it, I am getting my daily dose of Vitamin C with the rose hips at a very good price and the quantity is enough too.

  • Afsaneh - Nov 13th 2019

    Ward off the bad health.

    Reasonable size capsules, easy to swallow! This vit c has ward off my flu, boost immune and make my skin look radiant.

  • Anika - Nov 13th 2019

    Makes you smile.

    Satisfactory and no side effects.

  • Clementine - Nov 13th 2019


    This is a very nice vitamin C. I had trust in this Santeva hence I decided to take but their vitamin C and I am glad I did. This brand has my trust.

  • Mae - Nov 13th 2019

    Highly satisfied!

    I have been taking their glutathione supplements and thought about giving the Vitamin C a chance. And, I have to say I am really satisfied with all their products. The vitamin C is helping me immensely.

  • Sariah - Nov 13th 2019


    I just love them! Since I started them I haven’t been sick once. I also feel a burst of energy for right after I take them. I have been very happy and just placed my second order today.

  • Alena - Nov 13th 2019

    Clearing away the badness.

    I bought these recently for myself.I find that these are easy on my stomach and yet, very effective. They are good for clearing my adult acne and helping with some chronic fatigue.

  • Paola - Nov 13th 2019

    Great for everyone.

    These Vitamin C's are easy to take and don’t have bad after taste! My daughter and me both take them and it’s working great for us. Also, you can't go wrong taking a daily Vitamin C!

  • Fahrine - Nov 13th 2019

    Fitter than before.

    This is a must have item. While on them I’ve been feeling healthier and fitter than ever.

  • Penny Williams - Nov 11th 2019

    Liking it!

    So far so good, the best value I've found for the dosage provided.

  • Tina Brown - Nov 11th 2019

    Happy with the purchase.

    It is working for me after consuming it for 2 weeks. Great product, I am happy with my purchase.

  • Bailey - Nov 11th 2019

    Found it at last.

    I enjoy these better than most because these are easy to swallow! For the price I do not think we can buy better. I have tried several different brands & these are one of the best.

  • Layla - Nov 11th 2019

    Thumbs up!

    The best decision I ever made! I used to have mouth sores but after taking this, I have gotten none since taking this vitamin C! Definitely recommend it!

  • Madeline Wilson - Nov 9th 2019

    Important is immense.

    Vitamin C is very important for your everyday health, thank you Santeva for great quality Vitamin C.

  • Vivian Jenkins - Nov 9th 2019

    Take on daily basis.

    I take vitamin C on a daily basis and more when I'm sick. This one was really helpful and I like that it is in capsules. I'd rather swallow a pill than having to drink bitter tasting vitamin C in water.

  • Emery - Nov 9th 2019

    Good and good.

    Good product, good cost and service, excellent for anyone needing to up their level of C vitamin.

  • Isla Bailey - Nov 9th 2019

    High quality

    I have been searching for a high quality of Vitamin C, easy to swallow capsules that would actually make a difference to my health and skin. When I began using Santeva Vitamin C with Rose Hips, I discovered that I had found what I was searching for. I feel healthy and will continue using the product in the long run.

  • Lily Stryker - Nov 8th 2019

    Helps in maintaining the health.

    I love this product, it helps my skin glow.I take extra dosage whenever I feel sick, colds or flu and it helps with the recovery.

  • Allison - Nov 8th 2019

    Healthy body.

    Bought this to take along with my glutathione supplement. I take it every day for to maintain healthy skin but It also helps with your blood and energy levels as well.

  • Cherry - Nov 8th 2019

    Works like a charm.

    These pills are an easy way to get high amounts of Vitamin C. I also use it when I have a cold to bolster my immune system.

  • Everly - Nov 8th 2019

    Totally worth it!

    Really good product. Worth the money!

  • Gaby - Nov 7th 2019

    Benefitting for skin and health.

    I take these with two other Santeva supplements and as promised they do accelerate the process of getting better skin. Plus, I have noticed the vitamin C is helping me to improve my immune system, I feel stronger than before. So, I am definitely going to keep taking these, not only for better skin but also to improve my health.

  • Sarah - Nov 7th 2019

    Working great!

    Great! This is my second bottle from this brand. Easy to take and my skin looks more radiant n brighter.

  • Sarah - Nov 7th 2019

    Price is right.

    I use this Vitamin C because I see a significant difference on my face; will continue with santeva vitamin C. Also, the price is reasonable compared to the quality of the product.

  • Abigail - Nov 7th 2019

    No Complaints!

    I've tried a few different brands and types of Vitamin C supplements over the years. I've experienced different results, from no real effects to having a product actually making me sick. These are pretty decent, no complaints.

  • Anika Anderson - Nov 3rd 2019

    Glowy :)

    My friend advised me to take these Vitamin C with santeva glow and extreme for better results, though I was reluctant I gave it a try and as promised this promoted the other two Supplements to work faster and more efficiently.

  • Nandini Moorthy - Nov 3rd 2019

    This is fantastic!

    I take these with Santeva glow and it has kept my skin bright and smooth. Plus these pills are an easy way to get high amount of vitamin C.

  • Rachel Hudson - Nov 3rd 2019

    No side effects

    I originally chose this brand because of the rose hips that it contains but I am gonna keep using it because it has proven itself to work great for me. I have not seen any adverse side effects till now.

  • Carolina Black - Nov 3rd 2019

    Everyday care

    I take one of these Vitamin C capsules everyday and it has definitely made my immune system strong. I barely got a cold this year. It helps in both ways, staying healthy and looking great.

  • Ariana - Sep 16th 2019

    The dose is high enough to boost

    I think this is a good vitamin C supplement.. great quality and if you just want a brighter/healthier skin, you can try this one. I just feel the dose is high enough to boost your skin and it will eventually brighten your skin.

  • Ketty - Sep 13th 2019

    So far, I'm a fan!

    My skin got darker after the birth of my son. One of my friends suggested me to try this vitamin c along with glutathione. I've not only got my previous complexion but also got brighter version of my skin! I love how it changed & boosts my skin. I got healthy ad brighten skin for this one!!

  • Satya - Sep 9th 2019

    in love with this booster

    At first I took different brand's vitamin c with santeva glow. I am not sure why I haven't noticed much improvement then. After finishing 1 bottle, I ordered this booster. It's been 14 days I am taking santeva vitamin c with santeva glow gluta and I can feel the brightness on my face and neck already. Really in love with this booster.

  • Eva - Sep 6th 2019

    So satisfied!

    1300mg Ascorbic acid 200mg rose hips, I mean what do I need more? Immediately I placed my order (btw great delivery service) I started taking this supplement exactly 1 month before (1 bottle finished, ordered another one last week). It's really incredible how this vitamin c has improved my skin. It's fairer and all my darker parts are fading away. So satisfied!

  • Apiyo - Sep 3rd 2019

    Helping the flow

    Of course,it is helping me with the glutathione supplements. My skin is getting better now.What I can say is that it does not disturb my digestive system at all which is a big plus. I will definitely buy again.

  • Laura - Sep 1st 2019

    Do check if you are a Vitamin C deficient

    I didn't know the reason why I had so many acne and free radicals on my skin. Then my Doc said it’s because I was vitamin C deficient. Before, I'd tried everything. I washed my face two times a day, couldn't put on makeup because it'd irritate my skin, or cause break outs, and I tried so many skincare products, but nothing had really worked since I started taking Santeva Vitamin C supplements. My skin is much better and clean now.

  • Adrienne - Aug 29th 2019

    Very effective!

    I’ve been using this supplement for a couple of months. I’ve noticed a remarkable change in my skin..I can say it’s firmer and a lot brighter.. some say it works within ¾ weeks, honestly, it was a bit slower for me. But it’s really effective and results will be seen over months of continuous use. It energized me for the whole day as well!

  • Athina - Aug 27th 2019

    Exceeded my expectations

    My sister has been very pleased with the quality of this Vitamin C. She gifted me one and challenge me to give a review if it works. So, here I am. I have just started taking mega-doses as a test to see if I felt or noticed a difference. It certainly exceeded my expectations. It really brightens my skin and unbelievably helps me with the joint aches. Truly love Santeva!

  • Lindy Jackson - Aug 25th 2019

    Darker spots get lighter

    I took 2 bottles of Glutathione with not much improvement. Then, someone said that Vitamin C can help me to get a faster improvement. So, I go with this beauty booster! Within 1month I can clearly see the reflexion on my skin! My darker parts of the body get lighter!

  • Tanika Mignone - Aug 23rd 2019


    I was skeptical at first, but then I bought and tried it. It worked on me! Saw results in just 4 weeks. I’m taking this along with the Santeva Glow Glutathione 1000mg and using Santeva radiance lotion.

  • Jenna - Aug 10th 2019

    Works well

    This works very well. I was using a different vitamin c but this one works the best with Santeva glutathione supplements

  • Unknown - Apr 18th 2019

    Taste too sweet

    very sweet like candy.

  • Adwoa - Apr 14th 2019

    accidently bought this

    I bought this item without the glutathione because i just started my glutathione journey and I was confused. So I bought the glutathione and so far my skin has gotten softer so things are going well so far.


Santeva Vitamin C with Vitamin E is like no other vitamin c supplement because it has been specially developed to enhance the effectiveness of skin brightening by providing nutritional support though a unique blend of highly bio-available Vitamin C from several sources along with proven antioxidants, herbs and vitamins commonly used to benefit skin brightening.
This Vitamin C is formulated to boost our glutathione supplements and make Santeva Glow and Santeva Extreme work faster and more efficiently! 
- 60 Vegetarian Capsules(30 day supply)
- 100% Natural Brightening Supplement
- FDA approved 
- Assists in the absorption and utilization of Glutathione and other nutrients
- Contains Vitamin C from from Ascorbate to optimize health and beauty benefits. Vitamin C aids in the skin brightening process by priming the skin cells and making them more susceptible to the effects of Glutathione. Additionally, research suggests that Vitamin C itself may possess some brightening properties.
- This formula derives some of its Vitamin C from Rosehips, which also plump the skin from within with their own unique natural moisturizers. 
Calcium helps the body manufacture and store collagen, the substance in the skin that keeps it looking plump and firm.
(Best when coupled up with our Glutathione supplements).
Directions: Take 1-2 Santeva Vitamin C gluta boosters coupled up with your
Santeva Glutathione dosage to boost your glutathione levels and make our glutathione supplements
more potent. 
Ingredients: Liposomol Vitamin C, Vitamin E, 

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